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Top 5 Most Expensive Hand Bags in the World

A handbag is an indispensable accessory for a lady, but often times, the price you pay for being stylish is cosmic. Although you could buy one for really fair prices, there are some handbags in the world that worth as much as a house. Or 10… These luxury handbag brands are not for everybody. To afford some of them, you’d have to win the lottery or marry a king. Let’s take a look at 5 of these handbags that are as expensive as they are beautiful.

The world’s 5 most expensive handbags

 The 1001 Nights Diamond Purse 

Money is a triviality these days, but not in the case of this handbag. It’s worth no less than 3.8 million dollars! There are a few reasons why this handbag has the same price you’d pay for a trip to the moon (and back, of course): artisans spent almost 9.000 hours handcrafting it. Why did it take so much? Because it’s got 4.517 diamonds. And yes, it is shaped as a heart, because the price will break yours.

Hermes Birkin

This purse has been created by Ginza Tanaka, a designer from Japan. Its price: 1.9 million dollars. Unsurprisingly so, since the bag is made entirely of platinum. That’s right, platinum. Its design is absolutely astonishing, making this handbag the pinnacle of good taste. The 8-carats diamond on the front and the 2000 small diamonds confer it a fascinating pallid beauty.

Chanel Diamond Forever Classic Bag 

It’s time to move from the order of millions to that of hundreds of thousands. This handbag is worth 261,000 $. It has been made with white gold and diamonds and it looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, only 13 exist in the whole world, which is quite surprising, because it could actually sell some good units.

Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag 

Is there anything fancier than alligator skin and diamonds? Probably not. Lana Marks produces just one bag per year, and it sells for $250.000. The gold and the silver create an amazing contrast, which is sure to make women cry because they can’t afford it.

The Urban Satchel Louis Vuitton

This bag has been featured in the Gallery of the Absurd. Honestly, that’s the only place this handbag could feel at home. What is it? A pile of rubbish. That’s not even a metaphor. What price has that pile have? Just $150.000. Even though you could buy a car with that money, this surreal Urban Satchel has sold out pretty quickly, which makes you wonder why you’ve thrown your thrash all these years. You could’ve made a fortune.


 As you can well imagine, it’s less likely that you’ll ever see someone on the street wearing any of these handbags. They’re more of exhibition pieces than actual practical handbags. But if you win the lottery, no-one will ever judge you for buying one. However, you should buy a house first, since you cannot possibly live in a handbag.

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