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Top 4 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

The demand for the enterprise mobile apps was never that much high as today is. There was never a better time to develop a mobile app than now. It is that the demand for a mobile app is growing to grow much bigger in the coming future too. Google's Android and Apple's iOS are the two leading platforms in the mobile market and two prominent programming languages for native app development are Java and Swift respectively.

But apart from native app development, many app developers develop mobile apps for hybrid and cross-platform mobile app development.

There are different programming languages used for mobile app development with different features and advantages -

1. HTML 5 -

If you are planning to develop an Internet-based mobile app, one programming language good for you is HTML 5. It has different standards which will make easier to insert various data types insert, rationalize input parameters, browser support, and account for different screen size.

A mobile app developed with HTML 5 work great on the Internet recognize the user's gestures quite easily and efficiently. It includes swiping through navigation and pinching or zooming at a particular area.

Similar to the other native applications, HTML5 mobile apps allow app developers to store data within the app within its memory.

Some primary reasons that why should use HTML for app development are-

a. HTML5 is fully supported by all mobile browsers.

b. Fully supports audios and videos.

c. cross-browser support.

d. Responsive design which supports all devices.

2. Javascript -

Javascript is a quite prominent programming language which is used for building cross-platform and hybrid applications respectively.

When Javascript is associated with HTML 5 it makes a great combination which is best for developing a hybrid application. For those developers who have never developed mobile applications can easily adapt to Javascript and HTML 5.

Actually, Javascript is not primarily a mobile application development language, but it is a language which is supported by web browsers to develop and control all the web page.

Furthermore, creating a mobile app in easy because you will have to develop the code once and it can be deployed on all the platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows).

It has some great features also -

a. Fast and effective.

b. It quite easy to learn and code using Javascript.

c. It is run on the client side so it does not use the server and saves the Internet.

d. Versatile and dynamic web apps can be developed by using it.

3. Swift -

Swift is the sole programming language which is used for developing the native apps for Apple's iOS platform.

It was released in June 2014 as an Apple proprietary language but later it was made open source in December 2015. Currently, it is not available for android development but is available on Linux platform. Experts believe that if Swift allows being the development language for Android, iOS, and OSX then it will lead the market for mobile app development with a large margin.

Important features -

a. Currently available for only iOS and OSX development.

b. Extremely easy to understand if the user is familiar with Objective-C.

c. It uses "Sugar" syntax which allows for simplified code and reduced error.

d. Extendable and easy maintenance with dynamic libraries.

4. Java -

Java has been the favorite programming language for the decades is heavily used for web and enterprise applications development. Since Google has introduced Android back in 2008 Java has become the primary language for native application development for Android.

Java is the official language for android development and can be used for cross-platform apps development. It means that you can write your code in Java and can use this code on iOS and other mobile platforms. There is no doubt when Java is used for developing android apps, server apps, embedded applications, big data technology, scientific apps, websites, and games.

Some key features are -

a. It is easy to learn and read.

b. runs on all the platforms.

c. powerful IDEs make coding easy and error-free.

Now here are some key factors which every single programming language must offer -

1. A complete mobile app development facility like native, cross-platform, and hybrid etc.

2. Large library for ease of the use for the development team.

3. It should target app users.

4. External platform support

Which programming language is best for mobile app development strategy?

It is a quite tricky question. The decision should be based upon the nature of your desired app, whether you are going for hybrid apps, native app or the cross platform development using any developing tool like PhoneGap, Codename, Appcelerator, and Xamarin etc.

There is not a single or universal criterion for the selection of programming language for your mobile app development process.

The majority of the developers today use the Combination of HTML5 + Javascript to develop hybrid apps than run on every mobile platform.

On the other hand, a large number of developers love to work with the specific native programming languages like Swift (for iOS) because of its enhanced performance, feature support, and flawless user experience.

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