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kadirboy Kadir TUNCEL
10d İstanbul, Türkiye Story
Top 10 Sailing Holiday Destinations in Turkey

Turkey is a country with great historical value. Turkey provides pure eye candy for its visitors through great natural sights. Turkey owns a beautiful coastline and it is full of fun filled activities. Let us go deep into some of the most beautiful sailing holiday destinations in Turkey.

1. Patara

Patara is Turkeys longest yet the most beautiful beach. This is the ideal sailing holiday destination within Turkey to provide freedom to your little ones to play around and enjoy. The body-surf able waves attract millions of foreigners on an annual basis. The beach stretch is full of restaurants and you can have a nice time with your family. It should also be noted that there are a plenty of options available for visitors when looking for rooms to spend the night.

2. The Bodrum Peninsula

Bodrum Peninsula reflects the elite of Turkey with its amazing olive groves and the off white ottoman-era cisterns. This area is a great tourist attraction in Turkey. This peninsula resides many beautiful beaches including Bitez and Turkbuku. It should also be noted that visitors could engage in windsurfing if they are really interested. There are a plenty of beautiful hotels and resorts carrying different price tags. This is a must pick if you are planning to sail in a Yacht around the beautiful beaches of Turkey.

3. Kalkan

This used to be a tiny fishing village with very little population. This eventually turned out to become a favorite travel destination for many foreigners. Kalkan is a pure Turkish beach which doesn’t involve any outdoor influence. It doesn’t entertain rowdy bars or nasty clubs. Yacht Charter Turkey could be taken to a whole new level with the mini yacht harbor located. This is the ideal destination if you value privacy to a great extent.

4. Ölüdeniz Lagoon

This too is another hot favorite travel destination within Turkey. Picturing the Dead Sea becomes a reality if you visit this beautiful coastline. You will be exposed to a plenty of activities when you visit this beautiful beach. Boating could be a great option to discover unseen beaches like these. You could have a fresh swim in the Azure waters of the adjacent beach and comfort yourself.

5. Side Beach (See-day beach)

This is among the most beautiful white sand beaches located within on Mediterranean coast belonging to Turkey. You could witness some of the oldest temples made to highlight the legacy of Greek-Roman culture when you visit this beautiful city. Side never disappoints you with its amazing range of restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment clubs. You can also follow the footsteps of the world famous couple; Antony and Cleopatra if you visit this truly ancient city.

6. Antalya

This is the ideal destination if you want to equally balance a sea view trip with some sheer night life entertainment. It should be noted that there are a plenty of shopping malls available within this commercialized yet, beautiful city. Antalya provides great value for classical music including opera and ballet. You could experience the luxury of some of the world’s greatest five- star hotels when you visit this beautiful place. Also, you can try some delicious food in Antalya.

7. Alanya

Surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, Alanya is truly a blessing on the land of Turkey. The major development projects taking place haven’t disturbed the thousands of foreigners who visit there to feel a sense of relief. Yachting in Turkey talks highly on the probability of visiting this beautiful city. It should be noted that there are a plenty of historic sites which you could visit and you could also swim across the shallow waters. Make it a must to visit this beautiful destination if you are planning to charter a yacht.

8. Dalyan

This is among the most beautiful coastal towns around the world. You could discover the unseen sides of the Turkish culture when you visit this small town. Visitors could enjoy a unique experience on the resorts they have built in this beautiful town. The world famous Iztuzu beach is just half-hour boat-ride away from this place. Nothing settles you here unless for the calmness and the beauty it entertains.

9. Alaçatı

This former Greek village is well known for its cobbled lanes and the traditional houses. This is among the favorite picks of the wealthy Istanbulites. Though the prices are quite expensive, you could hunt down for fairly cheap food and stay if you go right inside to the village. All the resorts located within this beautiful village are built to display their very own cultural values. This highlights the luxury lifestyle that wealthy Istanbulites like to live.

10. Cirali

Cirali is a gem of a city which increases the value for the country. The one and a half mile long beach stretch is something that you cannot stop talking of. This beach is a turtle paradise where you find a wide range of turtles swimming in the fairly shallow waters. People who visit this city never forget to experience the goodness of a great Yoga session. They also promote organic food to their guests.


Turkey never disappoints its visitors. It is a country with amazing natural resources and luxury living setups. It should be noted that Turkey attracts millions of tourists a year and it is all because of these beautiful beaches and historically important places.

Chartering a yacht in Turkey is a great option if you are a travel enthusiast. The above details on some of the beaches suggest that they have been assisted with some high -quality resorts and villas to fulfill the demand for accommodation. It would be great if you could consider the option of chartering, to explore this extremely beautiful country. Words cannot simply describe the beauty of this country. Make sure that you include Turkey within your travel bucket list. Create some amazing memories along with your friends and family by paying a visit to these beaches filled with love and beauty. You are never too old to travel to Turkey, to explore the some of the best sailing holiday destinations.

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