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Top 10 Best Online Christian Universities in USA

The biggest difference between a religious and secular college experience is the former links academics with spirituality and Christian teachings. Christianity Today describes the difference for students before they went to college and after, noting that the degree process brings about a concurrent, deeper understanding of both the Word and secular knowledge. The combination of scholastic and spiritual opportunities has also gotten easier to access thanks to the Internet. Here is a list of the best online Christian university programs you’ll find today.

1. Christian Baptist University (CBU) Online
CBU has a long history of stellar academics and was founded over 60 years ago, but launched their online programs more recently. CBU offers a variety of degrees ranging from Master’s to Bachelor’s that can be completed totally online. The university ties in Christian teachings and principles in different ways to each degree program. They’re accredited by WASC.

2. Baker University
Baker University offers a wide selection of both undergraduate and graduate online degree options in Business areas and Sports Management. The institution was founded in 1858 as the first university in Kansas, and has remained one of the premier Christian universities in the United States since then.

3. Augustana University
Augustana University, founded over a century ago in 1860, offers both on-campus and online programs. One of its most highly ranked degree-granting online course of study is the Master of Arts in Education, lauded by U.S. News & World Report for its academic standards and accessibility.

4. Cedarville College
Cedarville College was originally founded in 1887 with a Christian vision of education. They offer online degrees in many healthcare and nursing fields solely at the graduate level.

5. Notre Dame College
Known for its top tier academics, Notre Dame College also operates with a Christian-centric mission and offers a variety of online programs. These include Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in such fields as Criminal Justice, Education, Nursing, and Business Administration.

6. Liberty University
Liberty University has one of the most extensive selections of online degree-granting programs that integrates a Christian mission. They’re a non-profit university with tuition rates that rarely increase and an excellent reputation, attracting worldwide students.

7. Kansas Christian College
Kansas Christian College has one of the most affordable tuition rates for online Christian colleges at $275 per credit hour. KCC puts Christian teachings at the center of their degree programs.

8. Graceland University
Graceland University offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in a variety of subjects, and was ranked the best school in the Midwest in 2017 by the Princeton Review. Founded in 1938, students at GU will find prayer and Biblical teachings heavily integrated into courses.

9. City Vision University
City Vision University’s programs prepare students for jobs in the social service and nonprofit sector, such as Addiction Studies, Urban Missions, Nonprofit Management, and others. This school offers Bachelor’s degrees for only $7,000 per year online.

10. Ohio Christian University
Ohio Christian University was founded in 1948 and offers comprehensive online programs that are structured around taking one course at a time as a cohort. Designed for busy adults, they offer degrees at the AA and BA level.

Many Christian colleges offer online degree programs, but these are some of the best. Thanks to distance learning, access to a quality, Christian education is now easier than ever.

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