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7mo Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India Story
Tips to save money on your Dublin trip

Planning to visit Dublin? Well, if you really want to go backpacking and enjoy every aspect of the Irish capital, here are some tips to save money and make the most of your trip.

Go to the free attractions — Dublin has a lot of free attractions, including National Gallery, St Stephen's Green, National Museum of Ireland-Archeology, the National History Museum, Phoenix Park, and Chester Beatty Library.

Consolidate tickets — if you know you’re going to spend a considerable amount on tickets to fascinating spots, get them together. For example, tickets to Christchurch Cathedral and Dublinia can together be purchased for EURO 13.25.

Stay away from cabs – With a basic minimum charge of 4.50 EUR, voyaging anyplace by taxi will be costly. Adhere to the general public transportation.

Buy a Rambler transport ticket — Visitors going from the air terminal to the city on should consider purchasing the Rambler ticket. At the airplane terminal, it is accessible from the CIE counter (beside Tourist Information Center) at the Terminal 1 arrivals. Ask the Dublin airport transfers facility for the Rambler tickets and they’ll help you. You can also look for shops showing Dublin Bus logo. They offer the Rambler as well. A normal adult ticket costs about 6.90 EUR for an entire day, an indistinguishable cost for a one-way ticket. This can also be utilized on all Dublin Bus courses on the day for which the ticket is valid.

Ride Dublin bicycles — Public bicycles are accessible in the downtown area. A 3-day ticket costs about 3 EUR and the initial 30 minutes of travel is free. To abstain from being charged, give back the bicycle within 30 minutes, and after that take another one promptly after.

Get the Leap Visitor Card — At about 10 EUR, a Leap Visitor Card helps you to travel to and from any point in the city to the air terminal. It costs a little than the rambler cards or other travel cards, yet in the event that you need a swift transport from the air terminal.

Go on a free strolling tour — There are weekly free walking tour organized by the Dublin City Council for visitors. On any part of the week, an area is declared for free walking tours and you can explore the area to the fullest. You can likewise discover free visits leaving from Dublin Castle day by day.

Eat at the pubs – Instead of restaurants and diners, go to the pubs to eat. They give you hearty Irish meals, which is cheap and good, and there are plenty of these at every lane.

 Buy an OPW Heritage Card — This one is if you love going on a tour of the heritage sites. This card gains you an easy access to the main attractions, including the majority of the mansions all through the nation. The card costs 25 EUR for grown-ups.

Abstain from drinking much – Dublin is famous for its beers, but don’t drink much. Some of the pubs and bars can be really costly. However, if you really want to gulp it down, buy it from the supermarkets where you can get it at almost half the prices.

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