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Megan sashyl
Megan sashyl Blogger & Fashion expert
6d Story
Tips To Help You Buy Better Fishing Boats

New Zealand is a beautiful place for fishing. There are so many rivers, lakes and seas that seem to exist just for the purpose of fishing. New boat owners have a variety of places to open those sails and work those fishing rods.

All fishermen dream of owning their own fishing boats. With a boat, you can sail the waters freely and fish right in the middle of the sea, not from limited spots like the edge of a lake or a pond. The purchase of your first boat can be a very exciting time. You can hardly wait to get that boat on the water and see all the wonders you could do with that fishing rod of yours. However, buying a boat can also be inundating. Being a large purchase, a boat needs careful consideration before buying. Hasty purchases could lead to some very serious and expensive mistakes, hence the need for careful consideration.

Buying fishing boats especially takes so much more that picking one out. Walking to the store and choosing a strong looking boat doesn't necessarily mean that the boat is strong or the boat you need. A fishing boat needs to be nice but strong also. Say you need to sail around for some time to locate a place to make a good catch, or something that won't topple over while reeling a hefty catch in. You need a sturdy fishing boat for that. Understanding what you need is the first important step when going in search of your first fishing boat. Here are some other equally important steps to consider that will help you find that dream fishing boat after your heart:

Where do you want to take your fishing boat?

Sounds like a really easy question to answer right? Well, not answering this question before buying a boat has made a lot of fishermen make pretty costly mistakes. However excited you get about getting in your boat and taking to sea, you must first ask yourself where you are going to be taking this boat. What if you want to sail on the salty sea? You would have to get a boat that can withstand the hash saltiness of the water. It is little details like this that go a long way in helping you pick the right boat and save yourself thousands that you may have spent rebuying and repairing.

Learn more about the models 

Learn about the different fishing boat models available. This gives you a better understanding of the boat you want to purchase and why you should purchase it. Much like buying cars, buying a boat is pretty serious too. Information as little as the model and the peculiarities to a model could be all the difference you need to find your dream boat. Doing research never hurts. If anything, it only helps you make a better informed decision.

Work with a budget

Owning a boat comes with a lot of responsibilities. The purchase is just the first step in the long list of things you have to do when buying a new boat. This is why it is so important to work with a budget. Though checking quality and durability is important, checking your purse is equally important, even more so. So when preparing a budget to buy a boat, you should factor in registration, permits, taxes, cost of maintenance, fuel and oil cost and insurance alternatives. It would be totally pointless to get a boat you cannot maintain don't you think? Working with a budget helps you make sure this doesn't happen. Depending on the boat you want to buy, whether new or used, create a budget you can afford to help you buy wisely. If you're buying a boat that needs repairs, of course you would have to factor that into your budget too. It's also wise to find out the resale value of the boat in case you want to sell in the future.

Inspect your dream boat

Purchasing a used boat is not a bad idea. You may just have to do some extra digging on the history of that boat. Be sure to ask important questions like How long have you had this boat? Does it come with a warranty? Can I take it out in salty water? Asking serious questions like these is the best way to get information.  Ask about the last owners. Ask about the maintenance of the boat. Fish out as much information as you can get. It is better to be over informed than under informed.  

Check for warranties

Buying a boat that comes with a warranty is always better. Warranties can last up to three years after purchase. It's important to confirm that the vessel you want to buy comes with a warranty. You should also make enquiries as to their return arrangements. You may just find something you don't like or even a flaw somewhere and would want to return your purchase. Getting these details would make the process easier for you. If you can't return it and it has no warranty, do not buy it. No need to bury yourself in a mess, your dream boat is out there waiting.

Take it for a "test sail"

It could be a terrible mistake to commit to a boat without taking it for a test sail first. The test sail allows you make sure you're pleased and happy with every facility the boat has to offer. You should check the controls to see if see they are comfortable and easy to maneuver. Make sure everything on the boat works perfectly. Also, it's advisable to learn how to solve basic problems aboard the boat you intend to purchase.  This helps a lot.

Once you’ve gone through all of these stages, you are most likely to have found your dream boat! Now you can take to the seas with no fear in your dream boat and catch as many fish as you would like to have for dinner! 

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Megan sashyl
Blogger & Fashion expert

Love blogging, foody & fashion expert

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