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27MillionVoicesToday Millennial Woman Of Many Hats
2mo East Coast United States Story
The Struggle Of Spiritual People

Hello everyone,

I hope this is finding all of you well! I believe I've posted about it before but it's really true. The reason some folks do not like you is to quote a great Man because your spirit irritates their demons. They don't even have a reason really to have such a vehement hatred and resentment it's simply who you are and what you are about. You see this happen a lot to good people of faith. If you sit back and watch a dynamic of offenders, if you see every single person they have a problem with or rather create a problem with is a person of faith that actually lives it then you know what that is. It's called bigoted. There are those are bigoted as hell towards people of faith and if you're a Woman of faith that's very prevalent because the way you are and live is the total antithesis of the way they operate and what they are around in life. This is where abusers especially spiritual abusers/manipulators come in, instead of just letting people live their life in their faith and beliefs they feel they are so almighty they want to control, degrade and corrupt because the holiness of someone else makes them look at their often terrible selves. They can't even get themselves together let alone try to "correct" others. These are usually the ones who are always mumbling loud saying nothing about "Hypocrite this hypocrite that. Judgement this judgmental that" but if you look at who the ones spewing and or doing that, they epitomize those terms they're just too narcissistic to admit it. Women of faith get the brunt of this a great deal. Evil types especially hate and resent nothing more than those who represent everything they are and for which is evil, dark, disrespectful, offensive just to be offensive, condescending, etc. Truth is they're really afraid of not to mention jealous of those they hate and do such foulness towards. That's why they do such foulness, try to provoke a reaction often going to immense lengths to do so, etc so they can make an "example" of those they hate like any basic bully does. They love to make others look bad because it makes themselves feel better about how hideous they are if only for a moment, then it becomes an addiction because they have to have that fix of feeling "superior" or "powerful." They love to ruin people, their reputation, their lives, then stand back looking down on those they targeted in the first place as if to say "I'm better than you. Look everyone look at how much better I am than those I hate." What's a testament to that is though they they hate/resent you so they'll try to hijack the ideas, words, resources of you or rather try to because to quote one such demon "I'll die before I let you win over me" about me, a person of faith who has been trying to get rid of their non stop constant nuisance and straight up sexual harassment/harassment/stalking in general for a decade. The clique they unleashed on me via way of use of doxing/usage of the internet same issue, they all look like and talk like narcopathic snarky imps. It's pure evil, that's how evil does and is. They take people and situations attempting to twist them to be just as insidious as they. When evil abounds as a person of faith you can't fight that in your own might only God Almighty is equipped to do so. You have to give those kind over to God and he'll handle them accordingly, it's a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God because that is a battle no individual can win or ever will. Those who think they are going to take on the living God are in for a rude awakening, it doesn't end well for them.


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Millennial Woman Of Many Hats

Aloha💖 Born of the wild, Spiritual (believer), Millennial, Survivor Leader for Gender Based Violence, Violence Against the Marginalized, Violence Against Women, Sexual Violence, Stalking, and Human Trafficking. A thriver. Journalism, Collaborator, Research, Adviser, Consultant. Multi Lingual. [...]

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