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The relationship between Hearing loss and Tinnitus

You may have heard that there is a link between hearing loss and tinnitus. It's is true that many people that have tinnitus have problems with their hearing as well. The hearing loss may have a contributing factor to the development of ringing sounds in the ears. If you believe that you suffer from some kind of hearing loss you need to have a hearing test as quick as possible.

You wouldn't know if you have it unless you do the test. If tests confirm that you have a hearing loss, you should start using hearing aids. The hearing aids may help you get rid of the noise in the ears. However if it the hearing aids can't help you in getting rid of tinnitus, you might have to go for other therapies that can mask the noise in the ears. It is possible to mask the noise of tinnitus with another soft sound that is constantly played in your ears or in the person's surrounding. 

The white noise machines are widely used to mask tinnitus and reduce its psychological effects on sufferers. The sound played could be music or any other tailored machine generated sound. There is a piece of equipment for people that suffer from hearing loss tinnitus. This kind of sound machine is effective because it generates a noise that alleviates the bad experience tinnitus sufferers have. You fit the instrument behind your ears and manage the volume to get the best level that suits your need.    

There are a number of causes for developing tinnitus such as a build up of ear-wax in the middle ear, an infection in the inner ear, loud noises that can damage the ear drums, medications that have side effects, old-age and other health problems.

You might be asking  “Is tinnitus treatable or curable?” and wonder what could come up for an answer. Don't be disappoint to hear that there might not be any cure. Finding a Cure for Tinnitus has been a big trouble for the medical field. There is no drug or medication developed as such that will completely cure the problem. Doctors usually target to cure the underlying problems. There are a number of things you can do to help reduce the effects of tinnitus. Make sure you are following the best advice your doctor gives you to treat any underlying cause of the tinnitus.

If you are suffering from tinnitus that is caused by hearing loss, you need to make sure that you protect your ears from further damage. Loud noises, infections, ear wax and other related problems can worsen the hearing loss. Water in the ears is also a problem for people suffering from some sort of hearing loss. You must use ear-plugs when swimming or any other similar activity.

You must be aware of the side-effects of the medications you currently are taking. Medications like aspirin have tendencies to start a buzzing noise in your ears. Make sure your lifestyle is not that stressful. Stress often makes hearing tinnitus worse. Many people find meditation and yoga to be effective for battling stress. make sure you set time to do some sort of relaxation practices so that you might relieve the stress build-up in your life. In the long term, you will really notice setting time to relax is the best remedy you can have to battle many illnesses in your life.

 The only best way to get a solution for the tinnitus that came after you experienced some sort of hearing loss is to get a professional help. No traditional medicine can help you with hearing loss. You should be tested and find out how much of your hearing has been lost. You will then be prescribes with a hearing aid that can greatly improve your life by allowing you to hear normally again. The hearing aid directly helps your tinnitus as you now can hear other voices normally. Tinnitus usually becomes stronger when your surrounding is quite. No wonder most tinnitus sufferers complain that they hear it at night. That is why you need to treat your hearing loss, your hearing has to be restored to mask the noise tinnitus makes.

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