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The Most Important Things You Need to Know About Getting in Shape If You're a CEO with No Time

An ancient Greek legend tells the story about the wrestler Milo of Croton. An individual who became strong by lifting a baby bull every day. As the bull grew, so did Milo and his strength. The legend has become well known inside the modern business world. Bull markets are appropriately named in a similar vein.

However, the obvious doesn't always get the attention it deserves. Milo used the bull to grow strong physically. Strength is the basis of our interaction with our environment and the evidence is mounting fast that mental well-being and cognitive capabilities are supported by strength training like no other form of exercise can.

Some big names have been bitten by the iron bug. Nassim Nicholas Taleb (former trader and the author of Skin in the Game and Antifragile) deadlifts close to 400 pounds and he's 58 years old. Jordan B. Peterson (world-famous psychologist and the author of 12 Rules for Life) also mentions strength training as an important part of his packed schedule. Don't waste your time doing stupid things. There are fundamentals for getting fit and strong while busy.

It's All About Mindset Over Matter

The most important thing to get right is your mindset. You most likely know the basics. Being fit and strong makes you more confident. You'll have better posture, clothes will look better on you and so on and so forth. But that hasn't been enough for you take tangible action.

Here is something ghastly to think about in regards to your mental performance, Intelligence can be divided into a fluid and crystallized intelligence. The former can be thought of as the "young man's smarts", the ability to adapt and solve problems quickly, the latter is more like wisdom, garnered through experience. The interesting thing is fluid intelligence starts declining at age 25. As it turns out the only way to curb that decline is proper strength training. 30 minutes on the treadmill won't work.

So, get your mind right before you lose it. For that, a good suggestion would be to hire someone, who knows what they are doing.

Be Accountable and Get a Coach

Yes, get a coach. Not a "trainer" from a chain gym. You want someone to keep you accountable and who are committed to their craft. If your coach doesn't know how to teach you basic free weight exercises or pushes an impractical diet on you, find a better one. 

A good coach will find a way to make your training sessions fit your schedule, make you an efficient program and set your diet up in such a way that you can turn your brain on autopilot. In short, a good coach makes the plan with you, not for you.

Sleep Your Way to Success

We live in a society that often glorifies not sleeping. Whether or not you fall into that category, you've definitely had some sleepless nights working on projects or closing those high-ticket sales.

Stan Efferding (a pro bodybuilder and telecommunications multi-millionaire) is one of the biggest proponents of getting enough sleep. His clients are World Champion athletes and cream of the crop business professionals. 8 hours is what he recommends, scoffing at people who get 5 hours a night.

Obviously, 8 hours is a stretch for many CEO's, so don't let it become a source of stress for you. Just ask yourself regularly, is there a chance to get some more sleep here and there. The compound interest will start stacking up quickly.

Grip The Barbell With Determination

The simple and unpleasant truth is this. The biological journey of the human organism is defined by the bullish years of the youth and a long - sometimes very long - "bear market" from the midlife onwards. 

Whether you are young and hungry or established and successful, there is a decision you will have to make: 

Are you going to stand by as your body, brain and future decays into a mish-mash of chronic pain, cognitive decline, and unfinished business? Or are you going to grip the barbell with determination and live your life capable, smart and strong until the last breath? 

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