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Anthony Mendez
3mo Miami Story
The future of health and fitness is here! What are you going to do about it?

Where is Health and Fitness headed to?

It used to be that if someone wanted to get in shape they would get a gym membership. They would spend an hour or longer at a physical gym working out with weights and machines. But things are changing in every area of our lives and that goes for getting in shape too. No longer to people have to spend their time at a gym in order to get the results they’re looking for. Instead, they can enter into the entirely new market of digital fitness. 

What is Digital Fitness? 

Digital fitness is all about using a digital device (like a phone, a tablet, a computer or a connected TV) to access workout content. It used to be that the only thing you could do about your workout through a digital platform was look up workouts in a static format, or maybe see someone perform it on YouTube, but things have definitely changed now and digital fitness is starting to become an entire platform of health and fitness that no one ever saw coming (but you’re going to love the way it can fit into your lifestyle). 

Right now, digital fitness is still in its infancy, but it’s taking off in some big ways. You can find a number of different formats for the content that you want, including apps, websites, live programming and more. It’s all about what you’re actually looking for and if you’re willing to start looking for it. More and more people are starting to dive into creating content that works for this sphere and as more and more people start using it, the content is going to get better still. After all, that’s what happened with the traditional fitness industry. The more people tried it, the more new stuff came out. 

Why You Want Digital Fitness

One of the biggest things about digital fitness that makes it so great is the fact that it’s going to give you more control over your time. When you have to go to the gym there’s time to get ready, time to drive there, time to workout and then time to drive back. If you’re working out through digital means you can do it right from home, which means you’re cutting the amount of time that it takes dramatically. That means you can get your workout done in less time or you can get more of a workout in with the same amount of time. 

There’s a whole lot of variety involved when you’re doing digital workouts as well. You’ll be able to choose between a range of different options that are anything from yoga, unconventional training, zumba, pilates, HITT Training, martial arts and strength training. There’s a little bit of everything available online and for every skill level. Plus, you can choose workouts that use no equipment or workouts that use specialized equipment, so you’re going to have options that fit your needs and your desires from one day to the next. 

For those who want the camaraderie of other people there are options for that as well. In fact, you can choose videos that show only an instructor, videos that show a full class and even live videos that allow you to tune in alongside the class. These are also available in all different styles and that gives you the flexibility that you’re looking for. If you want to ‘attend’ classes every week you can absolutely do it. You just have to find the right one for you and join up. And you’ll be able to do it from the comfort of your home. 

Yet another benefit to these types of programs is that you can save money. The truth is, that gym membership and possible training sessions is costing you something every month. Depending on the type of gym you’re going to it could be anywhere from $15 a month to over $200 a month and for what? You could be taking online classes for a whole lot less. Some programs even offer free fitness trials to see if you enjoy it first better getting locked into a subscription or program. The great thing about this is that if you’re on a budget and still want to get in shape you don’t have to pay those exorbitant fees anymore because of digital fitness.  

You also want to think about the stress of going to the gym if it gets to the point where you don't enjoy going anymore cause it stresses you out more and more every time. It’s not just about the hassle of having to drive there (though that can be stressful on its own), it’s also about the stress of working out with to many people around you that might through you off or feel claustrophobic. Do you always feel comfortable there? Sometimes you just want the freedom to workout where there’s no one around to see you or interrupt you, right? As well, you can avoid the noise in the gym or you can create all the noise you want because its in your own home. Remember for some people being physically at the gym is a must and thats great, but there are many people who just want the option of being able to get the same results at home. For them working out at home would be less stressful and more efficient. It really just depends on the person.

Where To Find Digital Fitness

If you’re not sure where you can find digital fitness you don’t need to worry. That’s because it’s actually available in a number of different places.  First of all, you can download or watch videos directly on YouTube and other viral platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and more. These are some of the completely free services and they’re going to give you a whole lot of variety in types of workouts, plus a whole lot of variety in the quality of those workouts. 

Another source is going to be the fitness websites. Websites that you already know and love with fitness pages or that have fitness blogs are all coming out with their own videos and content as well, which is definitely going to be great for you because, again, these usually offer a free program download if you drop your email or a free fitness trial before committing to something. Plus, these websites tend to  be a little varied in their content but like to keep it top quality depending on who the fitness professional is. After all, they want to keep their viewers coming back and checking out there page for more of their videos and other content.

Apps are great too and these are going to continue to get better over time. You can find some that are available on your phone, tablet, or even on your TV. If you have a smart TV using (Roku, Fire Stick, Apple Tv) and other apps like these can for sure provide you that service your looking for. Some of these apps are free and some are paid, so it’s going to be entirely up to you what you like best. Even better, there are some that are specific to certain types of workouts or even specific machines (we’ve all seen the Peloton app, right?). So it’s all about what you want to do. 

Video games are one way that digital fitness has started to grow in new directions. We all remember when Wii Sports came out, right? And Wii Fit? And then those things kind of went by the wayside, but they still were pretty revolutionary at the time. So was the Xbox Kinect and all the different games you could play with it. Each of these offered a way to workout and try out new methods of fitness by moving your body and the machine registering it. That was pretty cool, but not as advanced as it could have been. That’s where the future of digital fitness is coming in.

The Future of Digital Fitness

So, what’s to come in the future? Virtual reality of course, it’s the wave of the future everywhere. With virtual reality you can actually feel like you’re doing a whole bunch of different things and as the technology gets better and better you could be training alongside one of your favorite fitness coach’s, climbing Mount Everest from the comfort of your own living room, or cycling along side Lance armstrong. But what’s really cool about this is that it’s going to make your workouts a whole lot more fun. You’ll be able to do anything that you want and explore entirely new parts of the world (or maybe new worlds entirely) and get a great workout at the same time. For all we know we might be able to even interact and feel whats going on in this virtual world, now that would be insane!

By expanding into virtual reality, the health and fitness industry is going to open itself up to entirely new markets. How many people have you heard say that working out is boring? How many people get tired of lifting weights or the same old workout routine again and again? How many people complain about just knowing they need to workout to be healthy, Just about everyone, right? And yet, if you could employ virtual reality, there would be no reason for anyone to get bored because you could customize your workout or activity to whatever is thats going to keep you focused, motivated, and seeing results at all times.

Do You Need a Digital Fitness Program?

Are you still on the fence about whether or not this is really for you? Maybe you’re not really sure that it’s important for you to have this type of program. Maybe you’re still thinking it’s a fad and people are going to return to the standard videos and going to the gym routines soon enough. The truth is, if that’s the way you’re thinking then you’re very sadly mistaken. Technology is going to continue to advance and evolve and you’re either going to run with it or you’re going to get left behind, which is a bad place to be in any industry. 

If you’re a fitness professional then you should absolutely have your own digital online fitness program. That’s really all there is to it. Having a digital program is going to get you out there to even more people, because more and more people are checking out digital options and online options for their workout every single day. The market is expected to be worth over $27 billion by the end of 2026 and is expected to see growth of 32% CAGR over the same period. That means you really can’t afford not to be a part of it.

Plus, think about the ease of getting involved. If you’re already recording videos it’s easy enough to make those videos also available online, whether as a free resource or a paid one (or some of both). You’ll be able to draw more traffic to those videos and to your website. Plus, once they’re there, even if your some your videos are free chances are they’ll be more likely to purchase some of your additional paid content or programs, which is going to bring in additional revenue for you and make it easier for you to keep improving your own business. 

If you’re not making videos already but you’re hosting live classes you can stream them online. The internet makes this easier than ever with things like Facebook Live and Instagram Live and of course, YouTube. It’s super easy to stream a live class and then the video is there to view later on as well, so it creates a video for you. If you want to have a live class through a more professional forum there are plenty of those available as well, or you can create your own, so what could be better than that? We have all the resource there, but its up to you to take action as a business owner or as a customer.

Especially, as a fitness professional you should be taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to create some amazing content and to draw in as many new people as possible to your brand, your business and your content. No matter what you’re already doing, you can’t afford not to get a piece of the digital fitness pie. And as the field continues to improve and continues to grow, you’re going to be on the cutting edge or really cool inventions and innovations (like that virtual reality that’s going to be here before you know it).

No matter what side of the equation you’re on, whether you’re a fitness professional looking to bring more people into your business or you’re an individual looking for a new way to get fit, the online marketplace is the place to be. You’re going to have a whole lot of options, a whole lot of amazing opportunities and the variety and flexibility that you’re looking for. The health and fitness world is changing fast, and you’re going to see it continue to improve as digital marketing continues to grow. Do you want to be on the right side of that change? Or do you want to watch it pass you by? 

By: Anthony Mendez

Instagram: @MendezFitness

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Anthony Mendez

Mendez is a fitness professional with 9+ years of experience, an athlete for Puma & Onnit. Mendez specializes in loaded & unloaded movement training. This unique style consists of: unconventional tools, bodyweight, flows, & correctives. He’s all about nourishing the MIND, BODY, & SOUL. Mendez [...]

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