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Kashiana Singh
1mo Chicago, IL, United States Story
The FOX POETRY BOX features my Taj Mahal

From the Fox Poetry Box in Chicago -

Another Chicagoland Poet, by way of India, is being featured today in THE FOX POETRY BOX!  Kashiana Singh Author is an esteemed Poet with a collection called "Shelling Peanuts and Stringing Words". Please enjoy her vivid ode to the great Taj Mahal!  

The Fox Poetry Box is an outdoor poetry venue as part of poetry in public spaces, poetry box movement and is run by the lovely #Tricia Whitworth

Thankful to the Fox poetry box for featuring my poem



You raise me up

Taj Mahal

For 450 years

You raise me up

Hibiscus, limestone and jaggery to hold in memories

Tattoo’ed stories in the color of burning rubies

You raise me up

An embroidered cascade, in symmetry revealed

A lonely paradise of four rivers, bequeathed

You raise me up

Your serenity ebbs and flows, in untethered reflections

You unwavering stand, to the gaze of many affections

You raise me up

Like a kernel, you encapsulate shimmering breath

Like a shell, that has quenched a thirsty death

You raise me up

A love affair on the edge of a crescent moon

An idea of shadows, a vigil of love that swoons

You raise me up

Like a crest you make a flamboyant ascent

Standing stoic between a sunset and the river bed

You raise me up

Commotion walks in multitudes through your arched gates

A conviction shields your aura, undeterred by drama or debates

You raise me up

Magnetic you soar, over the solitary caskets of the 

The sky a canvass to the melody of your ivory white spread

You raise me up

Discarding labels, an interplay of so much with so less

An awareness inhabits moments, watching an unfolding of the watercress

You raise me up

Taj Mahal

Even if my love does not make sense of a construction of vaulted events

I do find a cause in you that continually endorses a deep truth about it’s torment

Conclusively I walk away, looking away from the towering minarets

At the corner, I see a rainbow framing you with a splendid pallete

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