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"The first thing I would do is seek out a mentor"- Christian Axios

What’s your backstory?

I grew up on the East Coast outside of Boston Massachusetts. Growing up I knew things were different in my family having very cultured and traditional Greek parents. Early on I learned the importance of hard work, persistence and discipline from working at my fathers restaurant.  Had I known what I do now about what I wanted out of life I would have realized that my father was preparing me for success since day 1. With my mothers loving nature and my father having given me direction early on, I was able to make a confident jump and bet 100% on myself. I dropped out of college only 3 semesters from graduating with a B.S in Marine Engineering to pursue my passion for the renewable energy industry in Northern California. 

During the year of 2017 I skyrocketed my results in every area of my life.My whole life changed after moving to California. I was able to double my monthly income within 30 days from moving and then took it to over 5 times that each month later that year. My income continued to multiply and I began to meet more and more amazing people from all around. Every day i wake up excited and jumping out of bed ready for the successful day I have ahead of me. During 2018 my health became perfect giving me continuous energy every moment I am awake. Entering into 2018 my business partner Emmanuel and I began building and running our sales team.

I fell in love with helping people take control of their lives and jump starting their entrepreneurship career. With the combined effort of my business partner Emmanuel Duverneau and I and our use of unique expert methods for business growth and sales as well as our passion for entrepreneurship we have been able to completely revolutionized the game. We implement our methods first hand in our solar company every single day.

If someone would want to emulate your career, what would you suggest are the most important things to do?

The first thing i would do is seek out a mentor. Someone in the field that is getting the results that you desire. The next thing I would do is commit to going 110% into this one thing. Put all your thought energy into sales and solar from the second that you wake up to the last minute before you rest your head. This must be an all consuming desire to become the best in your industry and disrupt the status quo.

What are the most exciting projects you are working on now?

The most exciting project that my business partner and I are working on is mentoring 20 motivated millennials into 6 - Figure income earners in the solar industry.

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