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28d Story
The Diet Burns Fats From Which Everybody Is Speaking

Humans are very imaginative for everything, including our food. As a consequence, so many types of diets have emerged that it is already difficult to know which one works and which is a pure story. For example, have you heard of the ketogenic diet or "keto"?

What Is The Keto Diet?

Yes, it sounds a little strange the name, as if it came from somewhere in Mongolia or Thailand. However, it has become a very common fashion nowadays.

It is a low carbohydrate diet, moderate in protein and high in fat.

Such a diet consists of removing carbohydrates from the diet to alter the way the body gets energy and as a result burn fat faster. However, it is important to mention that initially this diet was not used in order to lose weight but to decrease seizures.

The keto diet has been used since the 1920s as a treatment for people with epilepsy. Doctors typically recommend the ketogenic diet for patients who suffer from seizures and who do not see results with other treatments.

Until today it is not known for sure why a keto diet for women can prevent attacks, what we do know is that this diet has started to use as an alternative to losing weight.

How Does a Low Carbohydrate Diet Work?

There are two main sources of energy that the body uses:


The first source of energy is glucose, which comes from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are found in most meals, including vegetables with starch, cakes, bread, potatoes, and pasta, among other foods.

Fatty acids

The other form is through the fatty acids, which are natural components of fats and oils. The energy you get from one gram of fatty acids is about 9 calories, compared to the 4 calories you get from one gram of carbohydrate.

However, fatty acids can store 6 times better energy than carbohydrates. Think of a polar bear, it is more likely that it can hibernate from the fats of the meat, then from the carbohydrates of some bread.

Which Energy Source Is Best For Losing Weight?

Glucose, which we mentioned previously and which comes from carbohydrates, is the body's preferred energy source. But when this type of energy is not available, the body is forced to look for another source of energy. First, it uses glycogen stores (which is a type of glucose). At last, when the tank is empty, the body uses the granita stored in the body.

By using fat, as energy, we put our body in a state of ketosis, and this results in fat loss. That's when we can say the phrase we love.

A miracle? It depends…

This diet, like other diets, works because in one way or another we are reducing the calories we consume daily. Studies have shown that if you manage to do them within six months you will be able to have a significant weight and fat loss in the body. But, look! Like other diets that rely only on reducing the number of calories, after a year of doing the keto diet there will be no big difference in weight and fat loss.

So, if you are thinking about following the keto diet or a low carbohydrate diet, consider the following before you begin:

Symptoms the first week: fatigue, lack of concentration, increased appetite, sleep problems, nausea, digestive problems and physical performance.

Take supplements with vitamins and minerals to complement your diet.

It considers that diets that eliminate or drastically limit a food tend to be more difficult to follow in the long run.

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