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An entrepreneur (or entrepreneur) is someone who creates a project from a vision and resources in their possession. If each entrepreneur is different because of his history, his experiences, his values, his vision, these people all have in common the same state of mind: the entrepreneurial spirit.

Simon Arias is one among many who developed this spirit over the years.

Why is it so important and what can it do? How is this state of mind characterized? Who can adopt and cultivate this state of mind?

Entrepreneurial Spirit: The Key To A Successful Entrepreneurial Adventure

When we think of entrepreneurship in America, we think too often about "startups".


According to Simon Arias,

For many entrepreneurs, unfortunately, this term often means the following:

"I have a very ambitious project but I need a lot of money to develop it. So I will look for funds at:

- banks (and therefore go into debt)

- investors (and therefore gradually lose control of capital and therefore my business)

- the crowdfunding (but finally it does not work so easily)

This money will allow me to develop the box for 3 years and hold because I will lose a lot of money (I will not really have customers during this launch phase). After 5 years I will have reached the critical size to sell and make a nice value (if I can survive by then). "

The problem with this vision is that the entrepreneur does not control the process: he relies on external resources to build a project, to the detriment of his resources available now.

From my long research and my personal experience, I realized that successful entrepreneurial adventures were based mainly on the internal resources of entrepreneurs (their soft skills) and in particular 4 essential pillars:

  • Vision
  • Motivation
  • Resilience
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The Vision Pillar: The Foundation Of Entrepreneurship

It is the pillar that sets a clear goal and guides its choices and actions towards this goal. This vision also helps to be creative and find new ways to innovate. The entrepreneur's vision is based in part on his intuition and intention.

This vision pillar is a real muscle that can train and grow. Think of these visionary entrepreneurs who exercised their minds in order to succeed in visualizing beyond what was visible in their market. Your customers may know what they want, but may not be aware of their real need. It is up to the entrepreneur to be visionary enough to understand his client's needs (according to Claude Ananou, the entrepreneur is a specialist in need).

“If I listened to what my walk told me, I would not have invented the car but horses running faster” - Henry Ford

The Motivation Pillar: The Essence Of Action

You have probably noticed, but entrepreneurs are usually very motivated people. Even if they face big problems or challenges, they still have the enthusiasm and energy to move forward. It is this motivation that allows them to act.

Motivation is a real fuel of the action: by understanding the meaning of what we do and the interest of the objective to achieve, even if the task is painful we will achieve it. On the other hand, when one is not motivated, it becomes much more difficult to act.

The entrepreneur being a person of actions, he must at all costs maintain his motivation. The good news is that this motivation is also a soft skill, a muscle that trains through reflexes and exercises.

The Resilience Pillar: Keep Moving Forward Despite The Difficulties

Are you an entrepreneur? I'm sure you spend more time dealing with unforeseen events than creating business plans! Hence the importance of working its resilience: its ability to "cash" a problem and rebound. An entrepreneur knows how to adapt and that's what makes his strength.

"It's not the strongest who survive, nor the smartest, but the quickest to adapt to change" - Charles Darwin

Again, just like vision and motivation, resilience is a soft skill that develops with willpower and time.

The Connection Pillar: Knowing How To Surround Oneself In Order To Move Forward

I am convinced that co-creating (making synergies) is much more powerful than creating alone.

“Only one goes faster, together we go further”

One of the reflexes of entrepreneurs is to always see what connections he can create, either for his project or to help others. An entrepreneur is a connector; he puts people in touch which will have a positive impact on him and his business.

Through his ability to communicate, his systemic thinking and his empathy, he will manage to create synergies. This pillar is also a skill that is developing and essential for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: It's Not Just For Entrepreneurs

Of course, the spirit of entrepreneurship and its 4 pillars are essential for a creator and entrepreneur. However, it is not reserved only for this population. Employees of companies can also be enterprising and cultivate this same state of mind!

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