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Connie Chi
Connie Chi Founder & CEO, The Chi Group
27d New York City Story
Text Etiquette, The Entrepreneur Version

Today we’re so digitally connected that at times we feel compelled to address every email, answer every text and even some of us have turned on the read and receipt function to ensure that others have read our messages. It begs the question, have we become a society of attention addicts? It’s so easy to get in touch with people these days but when it comes to texting entrepreneurs there are some touchpoints to keep top of mind before your fingers start dancing on the keyboard.

Here’s what you need to understand about entrepreneurs, we’re extremely busy.  At least the ones who are really focused on building a business and creating a life that they dreamed of. Matter of fact I’m willing to bet, many entrepreneurs are spending their time figuring out what problems they can solve. Which means they spend an exorbitant amount of time alone and managing their mindset.

Now that you have a bit of context here are some basic things to keep in mind when it comes to texting and entrepreneurs. Just a disclaimer I don’t speak for all entrepreneurs and I’m sure some love texting and some equally loathe it.

1. No Group Texts Please
I don’t know about you but I personally am NOT a fan of group texts. There’s no reason to include me in some kind of announcement with 20 other people and I get 20 responses from strangers that I don’t even know. Plus the fact maybe I don’t want others to have my mobile number.

2. Don’t Do Business On Text
Yes I know this sounds like I’m some dinosaur in today’s tech-infused world, but I’m still a believer that if you really want to start a business dialogue with me, start with an email. This way it allows both parties to nicely bow out of any conversation. Plus it’s a way I can market my own business as my email signature is full of clickable links. If you meet someone for the first time and they find it ok to text you about business-related activities, that is fair game for ignoring in my book. Real business is still done face to face, I want to look into your eyes and see if you are a reputable business partner, what’s your business ethos, what kind of values do you believe in and how do you think.

3. You Got Ignored
Don’t take this personally, entrepreneurs get massive amounts of texts and emails. Just because they didn’t get back to you right away within the first 10 minutes it’s not you. They are simply busy. If you get ignored for 2 months take it as a sign that they are really laser-focused on building their business. Anything outside of leveling up their business probably isn’t something that they’ll be interested in. This includes meeting for coffee to pick their brains.

4. Text Bombing
This is definitely one of those things that will lead to you being blocked. This is definitely not something you want to practice. If you really want to do business with someone, get creative find out where they will be. Social media has been one of those tools that will always "tell on you." Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to market their business so if they happen to be speaking at a certain event, get out there to meet them. Learn how they think so that you can better connect with them. This might sound stalker-ish but it will also make you stand out from the crowd vying for entrepreneurs’ attention.

5. No Soliciting on Texts
I’ve gotten so much junk texts from random people most of which advertisements that I never signed up for. This is another way to get onto the blocked list real quick. For me, one number solicited so often that I eventually had to text back, “Go Away.”

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Connie Chi
Founder & CEO, The Chi Group

Keynote Speaker with a TedX Talk, Author, Founder of The Chi Group, a marketing and branding agency humanizing lifestyle brands. I also host a podcast, Humanizing Brands where I share marketing strategies, brand experiences and more in order to help brands go from zero to hero in a competitive [...]

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