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Taking Charge Of Your Music Career With Help From MusicDigi

Whether you are dreaming of a glittering career as a recording artist or you simply want to get your music in the public domain, MusicDigi can put you in charge of your own destiny.

The huge influence of the Internet in the music industry means aspiring musicians no longer need to be discovered by the powerful music executives of international record labels. Instead, you can create your very own record label and manage music distribution yourself. With the help of MusicDigi, You can also sell your music online and your music can get the audience it deserves.

Why Choose MusicDigi?

If you are trying to forge a career as a recording artist, you need to know that those helping you to achieve your goals understand your dreams and aspirations. MusicDigi is a global music distribution and label services company. The company offer musicians a simple and affordable solution to distribute their music to hundreds of retail and streaming platforms such as iTunes, TIDAL, Apple Music, Google Play, and many more. Since its 2006 founding, MusicDigi has helped artists everywhere make the most of this powerful way of reaching existing fans and new listeners. The company’s simple, highly affordable service makes it easy to distribute music through all the major digital storefronts and streaming services without giving up rights or royalties.

What MusicDigi Can Do for You

Whether your music is being streamed on Spotify or purchased outright on iTunes, you retain all the rights to your copyright – meaning you get to keep 100 percent of your royalties. From the outset of your relationship with MusicDigi, you will have full control over your own record label. So instead of worrying about paperwork and legalities, you can concentrate your efforts on releasing quality tracks and albums.

MusicDigi also takes the hard work out of marketing your music. By signing up to MusicDigi’s music distribution service, you can make your work available for purchase in over 220 countries via digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, TIDAL and more. You will also be able to earn a regular income from popular streaming services such as Rhapsody, Rdio and Shazam. Of course, the ultimate goal of any aspiring musician is to make it to the top of the charts. That’s why MusicDigi will also take care of registering your releases with all the world’s leading charts – from the Official UK Chart to the Billboard Charts.

Specialist Record Label Services

In many ways, recording music and releasing it is often only the start of a long journey to success in the industry. MusicDigi can give you access to promotional outlets and opportunities that are extremely difficult to come by for unsigned artists. You can get your music plugged on the radio by tapping into MusicDigi‘s extensive network of industry contacts. You can also create your own customise artist page displaying your latest releases, website, social media links, and more. A perfect solution for artist who want to greatly boost their music campaigns.

Starting out in the music industry should be an exciting time – a time when your love of music, composing and performing should be allowed to flourish. MusicDigi takes the pain out of music distribution so you can do what you were made to do: Make music. What are you waiting for? Add a new revenue stream today!

About MusicDigi:
MusicDigi is a simple and powerful digital music distribution service, that makes it easy for artists to sell music on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and dozens of major outlets worldwide while keeping 100% control of your rights and royalties.

Contact: Melissa Doyle
[email protected]
Organization: MusicDigi

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