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ModelZe Embracing Change
3mo South Africa Story
Super Exciting Bread Dough that is very Easy to Freeze

Amazing home-made bread, that you can freeze even before it doubles in size, making it very easy to have a freshly baked bread roll, focaccia, or flatbread with various fillings. The smell of freshly baked bread is always inviting and gives me the feeling of a heartfelt and welcoming day.

This bread is so full of goodness and flavors, it is filling, nutritious and the perfect companion for soups, light lunches and a quick in betweener.

I use instant yeast and work the herbs and spices into the dough until I get a feeling of satisfaction and the dough no longer sticks to my hands, that is when I know this dough is ready to sit in a warm spot where it may double in size and it takes about thirty minutes, but it will depend on the weather on colder days it may take longer.

I freeze some of my dough in containers for future use, but if you have a big family who love your bread you may have to use all the dough at once, I suppose that is part of family and your own kind of happiness. You could always turn your bread baking day into a family affair and give some of the members the opportunity to help and share in the fun and flavors.

I mostly make flatbread with the dough, but it bakes beautifully in the oven in a bread pan if you want to try that. Other varieties of flour makes for interesting breads, coconut and semolina are some of my favorites, but you may do as you wish and the more you make bread the more confident you become at trying new ideas.

I hope you enjoy this bread recipe as much as I do, let me know how you use it and share some of the toppings and fillings that you use with me.

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Embracing Change

Calm and Adventurous When you love yourself, you can never run out of Love When you love yourself, your rivers can never run dry When you love yourself, the search for Love is over When you love yourself no-one can take it away

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