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Kashiana Singh
6mo Chicago, IL, United States Story
STOP - It is your prerogative to seek mutuality


Stop it in the middle

Feel no pressure at being pushed to the finish line

The act began, with an assumption that you are second fiddle

His satisfaction,your humiliation is not what is fine

Imagine the end; he zips up,shuts down, swings away and off

You likely cuddle painfully into a wishful womb, fetal like

One sided pleasure in this encounter should not ever be your payoff

Measure completion on mutuality and intimacy, not just as a virginity hike

Stop it in the middle

Because - being safe, is not just about being sorry

Emotional engagement, as well as consent is imperative; not some equal rights scribble

Finish the act; seize it when you relish it's communication with your body;

Stop it in the middle 

it is your prerogative, not a relationship harikari

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Report this post

Currently engaged in - Just etching thoughts - by the way Belongs to - Professional services industry Work profile - Full time career woman and rest of the time mother,daughter,wife - at anytime atleast two of these roles are played virtually Whatever time is left is used to write - at [...]

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