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Stop Being a Slave To Cardio If You Want To Build Muscle Mass

Things like a treadmill, Stairmaster, cross trainer, spin bike, group classes at the gym like body pump or Metafit, long runs or jogging etc. Perhaps you’re the type of individual who hits every machine in the room. Jumping from one machine to the next, then does a random little circuit of exercises before leaving the gym dripping with sweat, with the mindset that until that’s achieved, your workout has been a waste. 

Too often expert online coach Angus sees guys pumping in the endless cardio efforts to no real avail. The truth is that Cardio eats muscle up like it’s dinner.
You’ve Been Brainwashed To Believe That To Get Lean You Need To Prioritize Cardio

If you’re at the very start of your journey and have a ton of weight to lose then kudos to you, get amongst any form of activity you can get your hands on so that you’re burning calories and contributing toward making better lifestyle changes as a whole. We’ve all gotta start somewhere and low impact activity is where it’s at when starting out.
But you and I know that you’re not at the start of your journey. You have been in the game for a while, had initial progress at the start but after a while, things have come to a grinding halt despite your best efforts.
Surely the reason why is that your genetics are to blame right? Or that you need to buy one of those as seen on TV ab blaster belts, and start cutting out carbs to get the results to get the train rolling again?
All Your Cardio Efforts Are The Guilty Culprit Of Your Plateaus

Unless you’ve got goals to be really really good at running long distances and having endurance levels of the gods, and want a skinny fat rig, then cardio needs to lose its position at the top of your priority list. You see it’s an AEROBIC activity, meaning it works your heart, increases endurance and a range of other things, but too much of it causes a negative effect.

Because cardio doesn’t actually stimulate any muscle wear and tear this means your body will adapt to this form of activity quite quickly, and when it does, it becomes efficient at the movement, which means fewer calories being burnt gradually over time.
This means that for you to get the same calorie burn that was taking effect at the start, you’d have to start including more cardio sessions than what you’re currently doing, or make your current cardio sessions longer where possible. It’s like digging yourself into a hole.
You’re Not Giving Your Body Enough Reason To Maintain Muscle

What also goes on internally is cortisol levels increase, Test and growth hormone levels decrease, which as a result you’re giving your body no real reason to maintain existing muscle mass. You’re going to lose your gains and will start to lose the very thing that will allow you any chance at having a tight and toned body.. MUSCLE TISSUE!
Some men want to look “Swole.” To get the “swole” look you’re after you need to have minimal fat tissue surrounding what muscle tissue you do have. But if you’re losing muscle tissue through excessive cardio and under eating (so common) then the best outcome for you is a skinny slender body, but you’re still soft everywhere without any muscle tone because you lost so much muscle.

Some women want the tight and toned body. Same things apply. To get that toned body you want does not mean devoting all your time to cardio. By maintaining muscle you’re able to have that “tight and toned” look because of the fact that you’re not too soft everywhere. 

The 2 Part Recipe to Your Dream Body

1. Do cardio for fun. Regular short walks to keep moving and increase blood flow through your body meaning 3-5 thirty minute walks spread through the week is fine. But prioritize strength training with a direct focus to compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, and bench press; so that you progressively get stronger, move more weight from week to week, keep your metabolism firing, and don’t lose any muscle as you lean down.

2. Eat nutrient dense food combined with eating at the right calorie deficit so that you can control how much body fat surrounds your muscle tissue. Yes, eating healthy in itself is great but this allows you to essentially only control how you feel. Controlling how you look takes an understanding of calories in vs calories out, and energy thermodynamics as a whole

Train smart. Eat smart. And that sculpted chiseled body will be yours. Stop killing your aesthetics with all of the excessive cardio, and go lift heavy things. You can thank me later for all your progress!


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