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Ruth Glendinning
4mo Austin, TX, United States Story
Squirrel V. Ballerina

Two weeks ago I woke up in severe pain. The kind of pain that leads to bargains with a higher power for relief and death seems like a reasonable alternative.  

As an optimist, I knew I probably wouldn't die, and realized I was fortunate to have been experiencing this horrific pain in a nice, air conditioned house with a safe environment and the ability to put things on hold while I rode it out. As a realist, I knew that my body was telling me it was time to make some changes. 

And, as a metaphor geek, it finally gave me a reason to create a story around the phrase that had been rolling around my head for the last month: Squirrel V. Ballerina, inspired by two photos that my sister posted on facebook several years ago. The pictures  illustrating this post were taken in front of our house in southwest Houston in August 1968, on the occasion of my older sister and I having a tap/ballet recital. My mom made the costumes, the squirrel for tapping, the ballerina for tutu-ing. 

This concept had first come to me as I was thinking about the range of roles we all inhabit in life, most often without the actual costumes, but always with the actions that inspire ourselves and others. Like everyone else, I've taken on a lot of identities: daughter, sister, business owner, ideationist, thinker, wife, caregiver, widow, and more. And it's time to step into yet another role.

For those first few days of July, as I laid in bed holding my breath and looking at these pictures, I mused on what's next, assuming I survived the attack on my body. I was reminded of that day, feeling dorky & overheated in that squirrel costume, looking forward to putting on the pink & blue ballerina outfit, which made me feel powerful despite the scratchy elastic puffy sleeves.

Now that I've recovered from my horrific experience, it's time to start living differently. Once again, it's time to lay aside the squirrel character and become the ballerina. Time to find all those hidden nuts, crack them open and get back to dancing...tutu optional, lol.

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