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sgfservices SGF Services Co. Ltd
7mo 142 Two Pacific Place Building, 23rd Floor, Sukhumvit Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110, Thailand Story
Spot Unreliable SEO Companies Easily In This Way

Every website owner needs SEO else the website is as good as a dead bat. If there is no visitor to the website, the purpose, whatever it might be, isn't served. So, we need SEO, or the variations of it like SMO or PPC and other, for a successful website.

Now SEO is a tricky proposition and a completely new skill for people who don't know about it. Either you can invest time, effort and money to learn or you can hand the duties over to a professional company and spend your time, effort and money on more profitable things.

Those being said, the question arises, how to select a company who can provide excellent SEO services? There is one thing which tells you of an unreliable SEO company.

Any company who does SEO in Thailand would tell you how capable they are but some of those would simply go beyond the realm of credibility. When a SEO company promises you the top spot for all your keywords within a few weeks, there are two possibilities, either they are lying or they are planning to use forbidden techniques on your website.

 Now, both of these are dangerous but the latter is probably more dangerous. In the first case, your website might languish where it is when the SEO starts. But if forbidden techniques are used, your website runs severe risk of Google penalty in which case, you might need to say final goodbye to your website.

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Report this post
SGF Services Co. Ltd

SGF Services has the most talented team of web developers in Thailand and our team is creating magic for our clients. Using the latest technologies, we are building fully functional yet beautiful websites for our clients. All our websites are fully responsive and made SEO-friendly so they load [...]

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