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"Spend more time around people who can help you level up"- Dylan Hey

What’s your backstory?

Growing up as a champion athlete, taking up a highly successful sales career at 17, and then moving to a high-pressure recruitment job in my late teens, I could say I knew I was heading towards something big.

My last non-tech job (recruitment) ordered me to clock in calls and hours on the phone, and I discovered that social media was so much better in producing the same results for significantly less time. I jumped out of that job and took a chance with myself -- I made everything happen so I can be employed in either LinkedIn or Hootsuite.

After several interviews and attempts, I finally got the job at Hootsuite. I spent nine months there, one year at Leadfeeder--an exciting startup that I helped grow to twice its size--and then set off to start my own agency: Hey Digital.

If someone would want to emulate your career, what would you suggest are the most important things to do?

Don’t follow the crowd. Just because all of your friends or colleagues do things one way, you don’t have to copy them if you don’t want to. It’s also really important to utilize your own personality so you can stand out. If you (or your brand) stands out, half of the sales conversation is done.

Invest on your personal brand. When I started to focus on my personal brand, that made a huge difference in the trajectory of my career. People should not only know what you do, but also how good you are at what you do.

Network with people who are doing way better than you. Do whatever you can to spend more time around people who are levels above you. I’ve been known to fly from Europe to LA for a 1-day event in order to meet people who are doing better than me and build relationships with them. Spending time with people who are levels above you really helps drive you forward.

What are the most exciting projects you are working on now?

Now, I’m putting most of my focus on Hey Digital. We help grow SaaS companies through customized social media strategies.

We’re working with a number of exciting businesses right now so it’s hard to select any favorites. That being said, I love working with business who are actually solving a public problem and one of those is an education technology company who we started working with recently. Their founding team is extremely strong. The CEO had previously built a company to £120 million revenue before then selling them and they also have members from previous companies such as LinkedIn. We’re helping them attract and retain new users to their platform as well as building them the world’s largest education community.

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