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dougbuckingham Hypnosis Training in London
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Sleep Well Tonight?

I had someone approach me at a function a few weeks ago who said “I can’t believe I’ve met you! I’ve been thinking about finding a hypnotherapist to help me get to sleep at night”

I replied as I always do when someone asks me about hypnosis and sleep “Hypnotherapy can work brilliantly to help you sleep better at night, however if I were you I would make sure you have covered all the practical realities of sleep issues before you start spending money”

This person had no idea that there are serious practical elements of the modern world can lead to a disturbed sleep pattern. Do you?

Melatonin is the hormone that helps you sleep, and production of that is stimulated on by darkness. However, smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs emit blue light, which effectively has the same effect as daylight. So, looking at any devices at night tells your brain to stay awake and of course is counter-productive to having a sleep-filled night. So simple solutions are:

Get any devices like phones or tablets out of the bedroom

  • If you really can’t be without your phone at night, then use night-time mode or install an app to lower the blue light level

And if you can and need an alarm clock, then use an old-fashioned one

Turn your wifi off at night

And you might also want to consider

Cutting down on caffeine intake particularly in the hours before bedtime

Avoid watching TV in bed

Reducing alcohol intake

  • Have a warm bath in the evening – try putting Epsom salts in it which help to promote relaxation – have relaxing music playing at the same time

Establishing a sleep pattern that is appropriate for your lifestyle i.e. go to bed at a reasonable and regular time. Irregular sleep schedules are known to be associated with significant changes in circadian rhythms, and are considered to have an impact people that is similar to jetlag.  

So, I gave that person a few ideas on how to make practical changes to sleep better as well as my business card. If they are still having problems sleeping, then I will sharing another little secret with them when they call me. And if you have made some changes in the bedroom, and are still having problems sleep, then you might want to read more in the next week’s post on hypnosis for sleep?

Or you might be keen to try hypnosis for sleep in which case I suggest you try my Life Enhancing Audio recording “Sleep Well Tonight” which is available through my website shop, and through my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” at the Apple Store or on Google Play.

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Hypnosis Training in London

Doug Buckingham is a qualified hypnotherapist with a practitioner diploma in hypnotherapy from the London.He is Hypnosis and Regression Trainer in the UK, Mexico and South Africa. Meet fully qualified and insured Regression Therapist Doug Buckingham in London. It is a highly transformative process [...]

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