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Should students choose a dormitory or rent a hostel in Vietnam?

The time of admission is near, students should stay in a dormitory or rent a room for a 4-year university path. Hostels or hostels all have different advantages and disadvantages. So should students choose a dormitory or rent a house?

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In the dormitory

- Cost of saving room, only from 200-400 thousand VND / month, many student rooms are in common, life is quite dynamic.

- Dormitory room is close to the school, so it is not afraid of going far and late, not wasting fuel ...

- Having a common living area and easy access to the collective environment, participating in sports activities, participating in collective activities, extracurricular clubs, school events

- Stay with students in the same course or with the same majors, easy to learn and exchange knowledge and learning experiences.


- Due to the large number of students, they have to queue for bathing and washing, sharing toilets, so they will not be clean.

- Easy to freak, disagree from small things in life. Restrict quiet space causing distraction when reviewing and studying.

- Do not cook in the room, forced students to eat out and unsanitary food safety.

- The uncomfortable time, not coming back on time will be standing outside.

Rent a room

- Students renting accommodation will have more private space, comfortable and free life.

- Cook your favorite dishes and clean up whenever you want.

- Be active in activities, bathing, not waiting for the line to be bathed like in the dormitory.

- Comfortable hours, self-control everything.


- Accommodation has higher costs than dormitories, ranging from 1 to 2 million VND / month and may be higher if the room quality is good, near the school.

- Each person has a room so no one cares when he is sick.

- There are many fastidious innkeepers, setting many difficult requirements that make it difficult for students.


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