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*Short Tips to help overcome SELF-DOUBT

The women’s march is an important demonstration, often carried out to voice out concerns over marginalization, oppression, victimization, sexualisation and misrepresentation of women. The women’s march took place on Jan 19th. The women's march draws inspiration from women's mass movement such as, the Women's suffrage movement. The term" suffrage" refers to the right of women to vote in political elections and to hold public office.

It was an honour performing at the Women’s march event here in a city in Ontario. I highlighted few points in my spoken word/poetry piece, for example- "How about we simply talk about her Liberation, for she has birth Man into a Nation, a Nation that solely defines her as a Woman so pristine who has never been allowed to be a Human Being". Just as the sun and moon move relative to each other, we can all coexist in this space. And just as Martin Luther King kept on marching for “all” rights, we refuse to give up our seat until we are no longer judged based on our gender, class and identity".

 However, I literally forgot most of my words on stage, stumbled on some words and the funny thing is that I was able to assimilate/digest this in my comfort zone/alone. Of course, this isn’t the first time I am performing spoken word without a paper/cue card. I was courteously introduced on stage, walked up on stage with absolute confidence and certainty. After a few lines, I literally found myself improvising and overthinking what to say – what’s the problem?  

Before the women’s march event, I believe there was some sort of self-doubt somewhere, was I worthy enough to do a spoken word off head at the women’s march occasion. Why this question, self-doubt does not necessarily intertwine with low-self esteem, self-doubt could simply originate from feeling like one is a stranger in an environment or when one often fails to give he/herself credit.

I firmly believe it is important to not give into doubt and trust your creativity/ talent, as well as focus on the NOW. Also, avoid being gulled into self-pity and strict thoughts of doubt.

A couple of points: Stop with the negative thoughts- The moment you start telling yourself or you start negatively questioning your skills and abilities, then you are running at the risk of failing. Also keep away from your past experiences, that is don't let your past mistake/lessons define you, rather you can learn from them. Ignore negative comments that don’t represent who you truly are- a person worthy to be doing great things.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the women’s march itself (not directly attached), just highlighting how self-doubt arises in people’s lives…

Watch the video below to catch up on other ways to dismantle self-doubt in your life. ALSO Leave comments below on how you overcome self-doubt in your daily life?? 

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