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SEO Techniques for Financial Institutions, Banks and Credit Unions to Grow Online

With almost everyone being internet savvy, businesses are opting to make their products and services available to their clients online. Different types and sizes of businesses are doing everything in their power to get a good ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Owing to the fact that millions of internet users conduct financial transactions like loan applications, repayments, deposits and investments almost every day, financial institutions are also embracing SEO as their best online marketing approach. In fact, with good Search Engine Optimization, Digital Banking in Iceland has become quite popular among the people of Iceland.

What is Digital Banking?

Digital banking is defined as the digitization of all the traditional banking activities and programs. Unlike before when such services were only available after physically visiting a financial institution, digital banking makes such activities available online.

For financial institutions including banks to remain competitive for the modern client, these institutions need to set aside a larger budget, time and the zeal for online wits like digital ads, SEO, content marketing, email marketing and social media optimization. Such initiatives will definitely bring in new clients and also boost brand awareness.

Financial institutions especially those in Iceland know for a fact that putting digital marketing to work does not guarantee success automatically. For a company or institution to be known and loved online, it requires a long term strategy that includes the following techniques;

  • Drive traffic to your website by creating content that is relevant to your website and also content that is developed based on Google keyword search volume data. You content pieces should include topics like loan rates, how to start a business, advantages of taking loans, how to repay your loan and so on. Basically, your content should cover the financial services and responsibilities of your institution.
  • Create a financial blog – blogs are perfect for anyone looking to reach the pinnacle of success online. This is because with blogs, you can post as many times as you want and be able to optimize that content for SEO. Other than that, Blogs allow bloggers to leave keywords in their blog titles with the intention of making web crawlers find them easily.
  • Use keywords in your content body – the more people read your content, the more information they should be getting about your institution. Keywords like credit, loans, financial freedom, financial technology, etc. will be perfect for a financial institution to use.
  • Optimize HTML tags for SEO – if you have been doing SEO for a minute, then you know for a fact that optimizing HTML tags, page titles, H1 tags and Meta descriptions are very significant in the search engine optimization process. In essence, having coherent and concise tags will definitely give your website more clicks and more traffic.
  • Encourage your clients to write up reviews –clients will always have something to say in regards to the services they receive, so ensure that your clients give reviews. Additionally, assign an internal employee to manage such reviews and/or comments from clients.

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