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TobyNwazor Success Coach, Business Development Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Writer
2mo Nigeria Story
Selling on Rakuten: 5 Reasons Why

The era of web communication has changed the very nature of commerce, dismissing the space and time boundaries for selling and buying. The largest e-commerce websites serve as convenient platforms for both large businesses and individual sales from any part of the world. One of such websites, Rakuten, is gaining more and more popularity among users. Launched as a Japanese e-commerce platform, it now hosts more than 10 000 online stores and has over 115 million users all over the world. These impressive numbers are supported by a multitude of features offered by the website, the main of which are listed below.

1. “Rakuten Ecosystem”. The company has designed a special rewarding program for its customers, which encourages a long-term cooperation with the website. The program includes a range of unique tools, such as Rakuten Super Points, Rakuten credit card, etc. Basically, this model is what makes the website different from other e-commerce platforms, and allows to buy and sell on Rakuten both effectively and with pleasure.

2. Convenience. A rather subjective feature, which, nevertheless, is easily noticeable for those who use the website. The general design is clear and concise, the white background is comfortable for the eye. The menu displays dozens of subcategories, making the search accurate and quick. The website organization makes sure that one’s product will be noticed and found within seconds, which is an extremely important aspect for those who sell on Rakuten.

3. Store design options. Once creating a store to sell on Rakuten, the merchant can choose a special design for it and customize every parameter possible in it. Such approach means that every store is unique, and the sales are as efficient as possible.

4. Product promotion. Rakuten caters for the needs of every customer, allowing product promotion through ads on the website, special place menton the page and even emails sent out to the target audience among the users. Such options enhance sales and help to save time for both the selling businesses and the buyers.

5. Support. The support team of the website makes dealing with Rakuten as organized as possible. For instance, every seller has an account manager, a person who can help one to place products, promote them, decide on the store design, keep track of the deals, etc. Either the beginners or loyal customers can get a professional supervision from the support team, which is a benefit that is impossible to ignore.

In conclusion, Rakuten offers numerous innovative features for its users, which make it a successful company in the competitive sphere of e-commerce. The convenient design, reliability, sufficient customer support and a special business model make Rakuten a perfect platform for buyers and sellers from all over the planet and can predict the further global growth of the company.

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Success Coach, Business Development Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Writer

Toby Nwazor is a serial entrepreneur, a success coach, a business development consultant, a strategist, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He writes on other cool platforms like Entrepreneur magazine,, Good Men Project, and Business 2 Community. He is the founder of My [...]

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