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Kristin West
Kristin West Actress & Producer
10mo Los Angeles, CA, United States Story
Reeling in Our Focus

There are so many distractions. Sometimes, in our hectic lives, we have competing priorities, which can make focusing even harder. This past week on What Women Want Talk Radio, Judy Goss and I had guests Christine Hassler and Nancy Ganzekaufer, who coached us on how to make our lives more reflective of our deeply held priorities. If you’ve been overwhelmed by your to-do list or suffering from a bad case of analysis paralysis, you’ll find the candor of Christine and Nancy refreshing.

Christine Hassler left her high-octane career as a Hollywood agent after experiencing a breakdown. Re-aligning her values and priorities showed her a new career path as a life coach, helping people to get rid of their “expectation hangovers”. Nancy Ganzekaufer’s child was born with a serious illness and it up-ended all of her life’s plans and expectations. As her child’s health improved, she started her own art-based business and discovered she really loved it, though, at first, profits were weak. She trusted her intuition, feeling she was “onto something”, and persisted. Now she coaches others on how to maintain focus and shares with us some of her tips and tricks.

Listen to the broadcast here.

Mogul Influencer Judy Goss is the host of What Women Want Talk Radio.

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Kristin West
Actress & Producer

Producer and actress Kristin West is a Texan talent with cosmopolitan appeal. Raised in rural south Texas, West’s training includes the Globe Theatre in London, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the University of Texas Semester in Los Angeles Program. West graduated from the University of [...]

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