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Davidlyod Freelance Blogger
8mo California Street, San Francisco, CA, United States Story
Recharge Multiple Prepaid Mobiles by Single SIM recharge

As the technology is advancing day by day, there will be few people who visit local mobile recharge shops to get their mobile recharged. Earlier, people used to buy so many recharge coupons in advance so that whenever balance would run out, they could recharge their phones as quickly as possible. But, now there is no need to take care of those small pieces of paper. Well, this might be a funny thought that it is good to save the environment by using less of papers and so people don’t go to local shops for recharging their phones. Actually, technology has made it easy for recharging the phone anytime anywhere.

With the use of online mobile recharge, there is no need to go anywhere outside to recharge the phone whenever your balance runs out. Online mobile recharge works with the help of single SIM recharge technology that means you can recharge as many phones you want just by a single SIM. It might seem strange but it is true that you can register with only one SIM and you can do multiple recharges. It is really easy to recharge the phone by single SIM recharge technology, you only need to know how to do net banking and online payments for recharging mobile phones. Online mobile recharge aims at offering convenience to users to do recharge at the fingertips.

More than recharging mobile phones, there are many online recharge portals that also provide payment of postpaid mobile bills, electricity bills, gas bills, money transfer and much more. What can be more convenient than this. One SIM Multi Recharge can also be said as one SIM and multi billing, as with only one registered SIM, you can make lot of payments. People must prefer online recharge and online payment of bills because there is no restriction of time and distance, it accepts various payment modes like debit and credit cards, net banking, and other payment modes. One should prefer this technology also because it offers guaranteed money back in case of transaction failure.

SaraRecharge is a B2B and B2C online mobile recharge portal offering all the services described above like recharging prepaid and postpaid mobile phones, recharging DTH and data cards, payment of bills and domestic money transfer by using single SIM recharge technology. So, whenever there is a case of urgency and you need to call someone urgently, there is no need to worry as now doing all such tasks is simple and convenient.

Why choose SaraRecharge for using One SIM Multi Recharge:

  • You can recharge your mobile, DTH or any data card within few seconds.
  • We provide direct connection with all the operators.
  • Unlimited amount of transactions can be made.
  • It is very reliable and convenient.
  • You do not need to carry cash all the time.
  • We accept all credit cards and debit cards.
  • Easier procedure for bill and recharge payment.
  • If all your transaction fails, we do instant refund.

So, avail single sim recharge services at one stop solution, SaraRecharge.

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Report this post
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