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6mo Pakistan Story
Plan a date night with your foodie better-half

If you were to ask a foodie as to what his/her idea of an ideal date would be, the most probable reply you are likely to hear is – a food date.

On a date that’s about food, you generally settle for either yours, or your better half’s favorite cuisine, at a restaurant of choice. Now believe it or not, there are a number of ways in which you can make this date work, to cherish long in your memory, and here are the tips to do just that:

Try something new

When planning a date night, come up with something new. Not only will that surprise your better half, but it will also break the monotony you’ve come to associate with on your date nights. You can use Clicktable to make better choices; go for a restaurant or eatery that you haven’t been to, or even go for a cuisine you haven’t tried till now.

 A date of many courses

An out of the box idea for a date night for foodie couples could be planning out a progressive date. To better explain the context, you have starters at one place and main course at other. Also, a date is never complete without great dessert, so don’t miss to close the date with a bang – head out to a great ice cream parlor, savor some traditional sweets or just sip on some hot coffee. Let the weather guide you.

This way, you not only get to try more things, but also spend more time together.

Visit restaurants where you can grill your own kebabs

Another way to have fun with food besides eating is, cooking it. Try searching out a restaurant that allows you to grille kebabs, tandoori, steak and so on, on your own. This will be a totally different kind of fun. You get to enjoy hearty chats and share funny incidents while your food gets ready.

Find his/her favorite cuisine and surprise

You’ll certainly get admired by your better half when you notice and take care of the small details related to them, like their favorite food. Try finding out the likes and dislikes of your better half, and then surprise him/her by ordering the one dish they absolutely love!

Visit a multi-cuisine restaurant

Variety is the spice of life. To advance with this idea you could pre-book yourself and your partner a table at a multi-cuisine restaurant and order dishes from diverse backgrounds to create an interesting platter of your own.

Plan a movie date night

As clichéd as it may sound, but there’s no beating the charm of a movie date-night. Go for a romantic or popular movie before the dinner date and have a passionate discussion about it over a great meal.

Try out Bars or Lounges

You may be surprised but even bars have some of the most talented culinary artists under their roof. So, if a fancy restaurant is not your idea or you are planning on catching some drinks, try out eating at bars. A little research online can get you the idea of bars that serve scrumptious food item. You might require pre-booking a table since these places fill up fast.

A scenic view

Eating out at a restaurant with an amazing ambience or scenic view is an amazing experience in itself, and when it is in the company of your better half, it gets even better. So if you are looking forward to making your date-night with your foodie-better half memorable, search out fine dining or casual restaurants that come with both or either of the above.

 Got any foodie date ideas that we might have missed out on? Share them with us.

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1 comment

  • Danica
    6mo ago

    Any tips of you are on a budget?

    Any tips of you are on a budget?

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