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One Click to know if your bank is closed tomorrow

A bank holiday is merely a day on which your pecuniary remittance is not processed. Does that mean your pre-planned activities also go on a holiday along with the bank? A simple thought of checking whether your bank is closed or not does not ordinarily cross your mind until you actually go there and find out it's closed. But, what if it makes you lose your urgent fund transfer or cancel your important business deal? Well, all this has just been made easy by taking one tap of a finger effort.

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Honestly Now, a complete online banking directory, answers all your questions and offers all the information you need about your bank in just a click. From the locations and addresses to the contact details, open hours and the special holidays, Honestly Now gives you every detail of every bank and credit union in every city and state in the United States of America. It is, without a doubt, a website that every bank user should use as no other website or web service has complete and accurate information about every bank. No more will you have to waste your time wondering, asking around and googling to find your nearest bank or go half way across your city only to find out that your favorite bank is closed for the weekend.

Besides locations and holidays, Honestly Now is also a sea of information on every other thing related to banks, like Credit Union locations, Bank Routing numbers and SWIFT BIC codes.

A routing number for a bank is a special 9 digit number assigned to every financial institution like a bank or a credit union that helps to identify the particular financial institution in a transaction e.g. an ACH transaction or a wire transfer. A bank could have many routing numbers for various branches, geographical locations, etc. and to know the routing number assigned to your bank is very important in any sort of transaction. Honestly Now allows you to simply enter the name of your bank and instantly receive the routing number for your bank. Moreover, you could also enter the location of the bank if you are having trouble remembering the name, and Honestly Now will show you the list of the banks in that area with each of their routing numbers. It works like a charm and is a lifesaver when you need to make an urgent transaction and you can't seem to find your bank's routing number anywhere. Now, making a quick transaction will be a piece of cake as you will no longer have to search in various websites or call your bank just to know the routing number or any such information required for a transaction.

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The features of Honestly Now don't end here: the SWIFT Code is a standard format set by ISO for Business Identifier Codes. It is a code which, just like a routing number, is assigned to every bank worldwide and is used to identify them in an overseas wire transaction or a Single Euro Payments Area transaction. In banks, it is also used to exchange messages amongst each other. Honestly Now makes it very simple to obtain these codes for any bank around the world. As in the case of routing numbers, you simply have to enter the name of the bank or its location to obtain its SWIFT BIC code. This feature is especially helpful for business executives that transact business overseas, anywhere around the world . In their fast-paced and busy lives, they barely have the time to search for the SWIFT code of a bank in some unknown place. That's where Honestly Now steps in to give them this and any other valuable information regarding the bank of anyone they wish to transact business with.

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In conclusion, I would like to recommend every person who avails the services of any bank to make use of this website and experience how easy it makes everything. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. The fast advancement of technology has made it possible for us to make full use of the wonderful features of this website and we must use such services to manage our work well, and not spend time unnecessarily on any issues related to banking.

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  • VivianaVizcaino
    VivianaVizcaino Viviana
    5mo ago

    This sounds like a very great, convenient idea. Is it laborious to ensure accuracy?

    This sounds like a very great, convenient idea. Is it laborious to ensure accuracy?

    • sofias
      5mo ago

      yes i tried it personally

      yes i tried it personally

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