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Michelle Daines 5
8mo Montreal, QC, Canada Story
On surviving a dangerous, frightening, life threatening event in which you see no hope.

Sometimes in our lives, we are confronted with life or death situations and as strong women, we must make a lightening quick choice. Live or die.

It happened to me. And I remembered something I had read on a Facebook post, never thinking one day it would save my life.

And the devil whispered in my ear, "You are not strong enough nor brave enough to withstand the storm."

Today I whispered into the devil's ear, " I AM THE STORM." 

One night at a resort in Little Cayman, a bartender who made our week lovely, left the bar and he and my 25 year old daughter walked off towards the beach away from the hotel karaoke bar at which I was waiting to sing, What the World Needs Now is Love, Sweet Love, by Dionne Warwick. It was my turn at the mike. Suddenly I hear my daughter screaming "Mommy Help!" I turned toward the parking lot to see a very large man pushing her down onto a car hood. He saw me and turned to the slight thin framed guy who looked at me and whose doe eyes started to cry and it took me 4 seconds to reach him. After 3 men tried and failed to pull this assailant off of the young gay man who had become our friend, a gentle sweet smaller man who was now being beaten by his very powerful lover, I grabbed my cigarette, leaned over them and put it out on the assailant's neck, realized he was stoned and would feel nothing and I had to use my every power to overtake him. First I summoned the courage, then I took the deepest breath I ever knew could be taken, steadied my legs in a stance that helped me ground my body to Mother Earth and bent over and grabbed him by the neck and bottom of his white cotton t-shirt and it became a tourniquet, and as I counted to three, I pulled him off with all of my strength and threw his body into the air and watched as he fell onto the concrete parking lot. This giant with huge muscles, a fiercely jealous and angry black man looked at me, the slightly fat, slightly old, just a little sad and very tired woman who stared back at him. His eyes said words I cannot repeat and I screamed at the top of my lungs, "Come on, right here, right now, you .......". He charged at me. My daughter shouted "Run mommy!" So I looked at her and came back to my senses. I had saved the man's life. I had made my point. We ran to my car and drove off. I don't know where I got the strength to save a life. I only know there's more where that came from. At the airport when we left the next day, a captain who also was there and saw my moment, looked at me and told me how brave I was. I was back to normal. A little low on estrogen, hungry and just thinking about where I would spend New Years with my baby girl.  

Sometimes in our lives, we hold back our words, our fears, our anger and they build up, pressured inside of us like a volcano, just waiting for the right moment to erupt and make the world change it's mind about who it thinks we are. Be that woman. Know that she is inside of you ready to defend your child, a man you don't have to defend or just a purpose that is your passion. Don't give in, don't give up, do give it all, when your moment beckons.     

When it is time, reach into your heart and understand the fierceness that can overcome anything. Be the storm. Give it your best shot. Sometimes you only have one. Don't ever go down without a fight. And if you go down fighting we will be here to tell your story.


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