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Kashiana Singh
1y Chicago, IL, United States Story
Nocturne Flame


Blossoming skies whisper a tease

Kissing buds savor a sweet breeze

Curving eager boughs crackle in pain

Brimming in chorus, the lantern burns in vain

Transcendence stains the shadows above

A visual orchestra on the embers of love

In those vestigial minutes of the day

A naked tranquil entwines the night in play

Repentant gaze stirs the passion alive

Sepia and blue dance their shadows in jive

Eloping with the dreams locked in urging vines

Surrendering their waltz to the Nocturne chimes

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Currently engaged in - Just etching thoughts - by the way Belongs to - Professional services industry Work profile - Full time career woman and rest of the time mother,daughter,wife - at anytime atleast two of these roles are played virtually Whatever time is left is used to write - at [...]

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