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4mo India Story
New to Photography? Types of Photography Every Beginner Should Explore

If you love or are passionate about photography, then nothing can beat the exhilaration of holding a camera in hand and exploring every possible photography niche that there is. Portrait photography, still photography, food photography, macro photography – you can explore every possible niche before you find the one that best suits you. All of us aim to click that Instagram worth photo that people will instantly see and share. As a rising photographer, it is very important to figure out which types of photography your talents are hidden in. A perfect picture does not particularly require professional equipment. Dual or triple camera mobile phones are just as capable.

If you are a new photographer trying to figure out what kind of pictures you should capture, here’s your guide. Today, we will talk about the different types of photography every beginner should explore and which one could suit you the best. Take a look!

Portrait Photography

This is probably one of the most explored types of photography. Every photographer – beginner or professional, practices portrait photography. However, portrait photography is not just about pointing the camera towards a person and clicking a picture. It is all about capturing the mood and expressions of your subject. Another similar type of photography is candid shots. In candid photography, photographers capture moments very spontaneously. These pictures are not planned and give out a very relaxing effect.

Street Photography

If you do not want to stick to a particular niche, then street photography is something you should try. The streets don’t have a specific theme or concept, which allows you to explore your artistic freedom. Moreover, an added advantage is that different types of cameras can be used for street photography. Additionally, from vendors to graffiti artwork, the streets offer various subjects. It is the perfect platform for you as a photographer to tell a story through your lens.

Landscape Photography

Landscape or nature photography is the most natural form of photography. It’s all about capturing the beauty of our planet. In this type, the common landscape views are land, sky and water. We all enjoy looking at landscape views. As a budding photographer, you can make use of these landscapes to show off natural scenery through your eyes. Additionally, if you are actually planning to master in nature shots, it is always recommended to use DSLR cameras or Mirrorless cameras. While the latest smartphones are equipped with great camera features, it isn’t enough if you want sharp and clear nature shots.

Still Life Photography

The name says it all. Still life photography is clicking pictures of objects that don’t move. Sounds like something that is pretty easy to do, right? But, it isn’t. A lot of things go into still life photography – perfect lighting, good backdrop, proper composition and a tripod for trying out different angles. Most photographers use a light box to remove shadows and lighten the product from all angles. Still life photography is especially used by brands who want to advertise their products.

Food Photography

Food photography is something that we all indulge in whether or not if we are photographers. Social media has played a major influence on our addiction to click pictures of food. All of us are in the habit of sharing a picture of a beautifully plated dish. Unlike all other types of photography, food photography does not need a professional camera. There are a lot of good camera mobile phones that are perfectly suitable. Furthermore, remember to always make use of natural light. Flash is a big ‘No’ in food photography.

Macro Photography

If you are aiming to click exceptionally mind-blowing images, then macro photography is definitely one of the types of photography you must try. Macro photography is all about capturing artistic and compelling shots. It is all about capturing objects to make them look bigger than they actually are. A perfect example would be – dewdrops on a leaf. From far away we would never notice these drops. But, up close they catch the eye. This type of photography is pretty if you have the right equipment. A 24-megapixel mobile phone backed with clip-on macro lens can do the trick.

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife is one of the most extremely tricky types of photography. Timing, angle and patience play a very crucial role in wildlife photography. But, if you have the knack to master wildlife shots, then rest assured that the outcome is pretty rewarding. Also, wildlife and sports photography require heavy-end camera equipment. Capturing the perfect pictures of the wildlife in their natural environment is not an easy task. However, if you do master the art, your pictures will speak for themselves.


These were some of the different types of photography you can explore as a beginner. Some are easier than the others. The most important aspect of photography and capturing the perfect shot is all about being comfortable with your camera and surrounding. Give these a try to figure out which niche your talent is hidden in.


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