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Joelle Weir
Joelle Weir innovator . dreamer . advocator . social justice activist . sister . daughter . mentor
1y NY, United States Story

These are some tips and tricks if you are looking to purchase a certain kind of camera and what to look for. 

Again, all credit goes to ShamelessMaya. She is so cool! Check out her YouTube videos:)

Understand the difference between DSLR and mirror less cameras.

                                 DSLR are known to be bulkier and have a better lens range. However, as mirror less cameras have gotten more advance, they have features that allow detachable lenses(for different use) and are more compact/lighter. 

When buying a camera (DSLR or mirror less), try one with a removable lens


With SONY ALPHA 5100, it comes with a zoom lens.

A 16mm lens (wide range) creates depth of field

A fix lens has no zoom. One must walk into their subject in order to capture and upclose feel

the SONY ALPHA 5100 also comes with wificapabilities so you can upload videos to your phone AND have a remote control if you're filming yourself AND a flip screen 

As an amateur, buy an affordable camera (CHEAP) to get to know all the features AND THEN purchase a good quality one.

To clean off the lens, one should use an air pump to spray the lens and a lens brush

Hope this helps. et me know your camera journeys ;)

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Joelle Weir
innovator . dreamer . advocator . social justice activist . sister . daughter . mentor

Mogul President of Arlington High School! I aspire to be a great student in school and in life : )

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