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4mo Washington, DC, United States Story
Minority Woman Fact 101

An example of how I used to fight in my school days only in self defense typically but honestly I would say the adult world has consistently proven to be full of those bully weak kind much more. In place of a principal's office or it's equivalent, in the adult world it's either self defense solely, as in one has to physically grab you or at least be in your face to the extent your safety is in jeopardy, law enforcement, a restraining order, and or court. I actually did take martial arts and some boxing as a kid based on learning self defense due to my petite stature. And let's face it being a minority Girl/Woman and mixed at that is a tough road in America. Let's face it an Indigenous Girl/Woman especially mixed blood or not has to fight our whole lives, some more than others. 

There are those in the adult world who never grew up, act about like a mean girl/boy preteen, and the only thing they understand is to be f'd up because they're just basic and stupid. As I always say those kind know to stay the hell away from meu, I usually give those a warning or multiple warnings to stay away from meu/out of my way where everyone else can see what I'm saying and why, hear it and know they started the consistent problem. Then I usually ignore and avoid them, last straw (which rarely happens) they have to be physically in my face or way then the gloves come off. But as said you stay the hell away from meu I stay away from the problem because honestly the way I came up and the way I was trained in self defense should an issue arise the problem would either end up in the hospital or face down. That's why I try to avoid those circumstances, when I start getting intense, trying to diffuse the situation even if it means seemingly retracting yet clearly offended but doing it in a nice way that's warning one of "I'm refraining from getting in your face, bombarding you with inflammatory language you are owed, and chest butting you right now." Basically as said before us minority Girls/Women are only mean and grant 0 respect only when we need to be. So in closing basically those of us minority Women are like f Columbus, the mindset he brought with him, and everyone like Columbus. lol 


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Multi Tasker

Aloha💖 Born of the wild, Spiritual, Believer, Millennial meets a twinge of Generation Z, Classical Dance, Mixed Fusion Dance, Athlete, Singing (1st Soprano), Music, Abolition, Art, Modeling, Survivor leader, Brand Ambassador, Collaborator, Blogger, Journalist, Ultra Petite yet tenaciously tough, [...]

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