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Logo Design: Everything You Need To Know

The design of a logo is perhaps the most crucial element of launching a business’s brand. Logo acts as the face of a company. Graphic designers are responsible for creating logos that should be both impressive to potential customers and informative about the company. Designers work on verities of marketing campaigns for businesses, but creating logos for clients is undoubtedly the most critical part of their job. A great logo represents the brand, captures the attention of customers and communicates the company's objectives.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand”— this idea was first put forward by a famous graphic designer Paul Rand, and it’s so very true. As per a Stanford University Credibility Project, almost half of the consumers (46.1%) assessed the credibility of websites just based on the appeal and overall design of a site. So it’s imperative to ensure that your website makes the statement you wish it to.

Most of the entrepreneurs invest their time in thinking about the name of the company that is out of the box. Creating a unique and simple identity can be one of the biggest challenges the company’s faces today. The primary objective of branding is to gain recognition and of course increase sales. Whatever your aim may be, your first focus should be to create an excellent visual identity, i.e., a logo.

Many people do not give adequate importance while creating a logo for their business. They believe that creating a logo is just putting a company name on a blank canvas. It’s entirely a misconception! There is more to craft than just simply putting a name on a blank canvas. Today, the demand of logo designers has increased tremendously. And it's for a good reason.  According to a report by Statista, the revenue of graphic design services in the U.S. will amount to approx. $11.4 billion by 2020. If you are in the process of starting a new business, then you must be concerned about creating a logo. Whether you are designing your logo or giving tips or feedback to your designer, here are a few guidelines that can help you in creating an awesome logo:

1)    Focus on simplicity: The first tip is to focus on building a simple logo. Being a newbie, you may want to put all the elements in the design. But actually, this might distract the audience and divert them from the primary objective. If you wish to create a new logo or redesign the older one, the ultimate goal of the logo is to represent your brand. So, it is vital to keep it visually attractive. A good rule of thumb is to create a logo that looks great in grayscale.

Let’s understand this with an example. IBM — the IT giant has gone through several changes in its logo design since its inception. If you look at their current logo, you will observe how the design has transformed to modernization. The contemporary logo design is very simple and clean. The stripes used in the logo signify a sense of unity. It not only enhances the beauty but also makes a logo stand out in its niche market.

2)    Think about where to use a logo: While designing a logo, think about all the places where it can be used. From email marketing to brochures to billboards, it is essential to know how your company logo will appear on digital and printing materials.

Let's take the example of Amazon. In 2000, when the company decided to expand, it comes up with the fantastic current logo. The arrow starting from "A" and ending at "Z" depicts that the customers can find everything they want on their website. The smiling yellow color arrow indicates that the company is reliable and friendly. Since smartphone users use the app, the brand focused on the appearance of the icon both on small and big screen. Your logo should have a futuristic approach. If your logo can easily be used in big hoardings, business card, brochures, and vehicles, etc., it means you are on the right track.

3)    Update the design over time: Unfortunately, over time, even the best logos need to be updated. In today's competitive market, it is tough to grab the attention of customers. To survive in the industry, companies have to keep them updated with the latest design and trends. If a logo has been successful in the past, it doesn't mean it will continue to be in the lead of successful logos. So it is essential to keep your logo updated with latest design and trends. Make sure while redesigning a logo, your focus should always on finding the right balance between the new and existing logo.

The logo of Mariott hotels is the perfect example of complementing the old logo with the new one. The iconic ‘M' is just like the previous one. The brand name is placed just below the big ‘M' in the bold black font. The company has managed to give its logo a new modern look without making any drastic changes in the older one.

4)    Think about a “Classic” design: As discussed above, companies should keep their logos updated as per the latest design trends. But it doesn't mean that you make drastic changes in the logo. This might affect your brand identity. While creating a ‘classic' design, making little changes in the logo can solve your purpose. There are few elements to consider when creating a timeless logo:

•    Colors: It can either be your best friend or worst enemy. They are one of the most potent forms of communication. So, it is imperative to have a proper understanding of color psychology before selecting the final color.

•    Font: It plays a vital role in communicating a brand message. Choosing a wrong font can destroy your logo design. E.g., if you have a computer business, you can't use a similar font style just like a fashion company. Selecting a right font can be a little tricky in the initial stage. But with proper research and analysis, you can choose the right font for your company logo

•    Using white space: It is the space between the design elements. It helps in organizing the content for better visual and communication experience. Companies that have succeeded in creating classic logos while using white space are The Guild of Food Writers, Safari Into Africa, FedEx, NBC, etc.

5)    The right process: At last, when you start designing your logo, it is essential to follow the correct process. This way, you can ensure that the design has the potential to not only building a brand identity but also attract more customers.

•    Think about what you want to convey

•    Do proper research on the logo history of big companies

•    Conceptualize and create a logo design

•    Take opinions of friends, co-workers, and family

•    Hire a professional graphic designer


Though logos are a small image, they have immense power to make or break a business. This is because people are naturally drawn to the visuals and build a perception based on it. If a logo is designed poorly, it may give a wrong impression about the company it represents. A well-designed logo can help the company in communicating its objective, goals, products, and services. Designing a logo is not rocket science. If you keep in mind the points mentioned above and hire a right graphic designer, you may end up in creating a memorable logo.

Author Bio:

Henny Kel works as a Digital Marketer, brand consultant and business strategist with Designhill- A reliable marketplace for logo design, business card design, web design, T-shirt printing and many other designing works. With extensive experience working both client side and within the agency environment, he has authored several articles on topics related to digital marketing, business strategies, content marketing etc.

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