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"Learning how to create efficient system is hands down the most important thing you could possibly ever learn if you want to be a serial entrepreneur"- Joseph D Lazukin

What’s your backstory?

I guess I have a humble beginning like most entrepreneurs. Divorced parents, raised on state aid, didn’t want to see people struggle and decided to make a difference instead of getting beat up by the punches life throws at you. At 12 years old I dabbled in code, building custom MySpace profiles for friends for $25-$50 a pop. I used to always look at how other kids had things I didn’t, and programming really became my vice because I could create anything and it wouldn’t cost anyone anything but my time. So I dove in and dedicated a lot of my free time to building whatever came to mind, websites, game engines, even hand built a forum community.

Eventually that lead me into developing out SaaS tools and marketing automation software like and most recently

However for those who follow me on Facebook I might be better known for the constant value and marketing case studies I share on my wall that I’ve learned from consulting, auditing, or managing marketing campaigns that have generated or saved several million over the years.

If someone would want to emulate your career, what would you suggest are the most important things to do?

Develop systems! I run multiple companies and it would be impossible if I did not develop systems in order to scale up or down teams in order to accomplish any desired task.

Learning how to create efficient system is hands down the most important thing you could possibly ever learn if you want to be serial entrepreneur or manage a single company, but do not make the mistake and think I’m just talking about tech.

No, I am talking about creating standard step by step operating procedures that systemize a solution to a problem. For instance, how often do you post on social media? If you video’ed that process and created a rough template for how you structure your posts, could you not then hand that video off to virtual assistant or employee to create a written step by step list and then duplicate your effort?

That is what I mean by systems.

Doing the above, helps me avoid having to train new employees or contractors and can create more predictable results, which if you look at the big picture, is like having a motor which turns one small piece of a machine. Systemize a few more parts and you have a revenue generator, a fulfillment process, or an autonomous business (which should be the goal).

If you want to be a great entrepreneur, then write this down.

This biggest pit fall of any entrepreneur, is getting burned out or discouraged because they failed to realize that they are NOT a worker bee, that they do NOT needed to do every task, and instead need to realize that their role is nothing more and nothing less than to be the strategic problem solver at the head of the company breaking down solutions into duplicable processes that define the direction of their company.

Your job is to create systems that free up your time, so that way you can focus on only the activities that bring about the greatest impact, activities that strongly trend in line with revenue generation to increase the amount of resources at your disposal to scale, until eventually you appoint a board of executives and scale yourself out of the system.

However before you ever reach that point, you just need to learn how to create systems, and learn that it is okay to give up control. If you develop a system people can’t follow, fix it, you are the problem solver after all. Iterate, build a foundation, and then scale.

Once your discover how to create systems, being able to manage multiple businesses becomes a lot less intimidating and actually a lot more enjoyable, especially if you love problem solving!

What are the most exciting projects you are working on now?

The most exciting projects? Well, I recently developed the world’s smallest handheld anti-bacterial device that can sanitize anything in seconds and am gearing up to raise funding for that, working on a pretty ambitious world record skydiving attempt, and recently released which is an SMS/text message automation software that allows for you to build bots without any programming knowledge, which is pretty exciting because we’ve had some stellar case studies recently using SMS to capture 68-82% of a crowd from stage, lower CPAs and more. It’s a technology that’s been around forever, but nobody has used it in an innovative way to seize upon the opportunity that SMS is the king of the impulse buy.

There is no other medium with a greater emotional attachment that text. When you see a text message, what do you think? It’s from a friend or something important, right? That notification sound triggers endorphins and if you take care to manage the first five words in the preview screen carefully, you can achieve the lowest CPA (cost per acquisition) rates of any marketing medium and then use Hopfu to automate it. Creating a constant lead or revenue stream.

Sorry to get caught up on all the details but it’s my latest business so it’s still my baby so to speak and I’m still geeking out over all the ways I can use it. It’s like having a shiny new toy  because it used to take hours to code, connect and recreate a lot of the same automation sequences that Hopfu can do. It’s become another invaluable tool in my toolbox for systemizing outreach and inbound revenue for my other businesses.

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