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Marie Flounoy
Marie Flounoy Contributor
28d New York, NY, United States Story
Issa Rae's 7 Ways To Be Your Own Powerhouse

The 2nd Annual POPSUGAR Playground kicked off this past weekend at New York City's Pier 94, bringing together over 15,000 from around to world to experience a handful of cool brands, fitness classes, wellness workshops, and star-studded panels from inspiring women in beauty, wellness, entertainment, and more! 

On Day 2, Issa Rae spoke on a highly anticipated conversation/panel "Be Your Own Powerhouse" moderated by Amy Aniobi (Executive Producer of “Insecure,”). Below are seven ways you can be your own powerhouse, as told by Issa Rae:

1. Find like-minded people. 

When trying to crush your goals or make your biggest dream a reality, the people you have around you makes a huge difference! Rae encouraged people to first start with the people around you. Look around at the people in your circle, at your school, on mailing lists, meetups, etc. Your tribe can be found anywhere, but most important might be right in front of you. 

2. Stick to what you do best. 

We live in an era where it's normal to be a multihyphenate. A multihyphenate is a person, "especially a celebrity, with several professions or skills." While this is now the norm, Rae encouraged that it's OK to be a multihyphenate, however, to "stick to what you do best and allow other people to fill in on the things you're not good at. Be honest about what you can and cannot do. If it's not for you, don't be ashamed." 

3. Ask yourself: what can you contribute? 

While focusing on your goals, Rae expressed that with everything she does it has to matter. This includes the people she decides to work or collaborate with. Rae assures that her working relationships are not one-sided and she asks herself "what am I contributing to their success, as well?" It's no secret that often you find your greatest gifts and learn your best lessons in the service of others. 

4. Take risks. 

You can learn a lot about yourself when you take risks. For example, Rae spent all her savings to get one of her projects off the ground. She lost everything in the investment, however, in the end, it all worked out. She would never do it again, however, it turned out to be the best life decision she ever made. At the time, it did seem like it wasn't. Rae encouraged "to have a backup plan and always be thinking about what you'll do next - you're unlocking something with every step that you take." 

5. Give yourself days off. 

Self-care and mindfulness are the buzzwords of 2019. In addition, we're still in the trendy era of hustle culture, however, it's important to define your own hustle. Isn't it about time we find a better way to "hustle" without it compromising our sleep, health, and relationships? Like Rae, many of us have still yet to master our own art of self-care, work-life balance, and wellness. In fact, it's safe to say that it's an ongoing journey. Rae expressed that she unapologetically gives herself "days to procrastinate, off-days, and strategically plans her meeting, working, and writing days."

6. Own your journey.  

Imposter syndrome and comparison are real! Especially, in the age of social media! While Issa Rae has had so much success and much more in the horizon, she is still like many of us battling doubts. Although, Rae believes it's normal and "what's meant for you is for you. You get anxious and feel like people (your peers) are passing you, but you have to remember it's your journey. Yours only." 

7. Don't hide your talents. 

We all have hidden talents, but Issa Rae expresses that she doesn't! When asked: "what is your hidden talent?" Rae answered: "None...I show off my talents; I want people to know what my talents are." Visibility is important, especially when you have a talent or a different perspective to share. However,  if no one knows what you do, what's the point? Don't hide your talent, you never know who's watching. 

Main Photo Credit: Getty for POPSUGAR

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Marie Flounoy

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