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Syed Jahangir Ali
6mo Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Story
Interior Designers and Shelfie!

The concept of a picture so popular these days is “Selfie”, which is uniquely transformed by a Portuguese interior designer, Joana Vasconcelos, as reported by the ever intriguing writer of words, Ellen Himelfarb. This transformation has been planned for quite a few times. The main purpose for this transformation is to bring innovation and creativity to interior designing. The young and creative interior designer proposed to his fans that interior furniture is made all around the world. So, it does not matter which part of the world you are actually sitting in, whenever you look around yourself, you will find things belonging to almost every part of the world. You may have furniture or other interior decorations belonging to Italy, Sweden, and Mexico, japan or Austria in your room. This viewing around and observing your furniture is termed as a “Shelfie” by the great Portuguese interior designer.

Promoting and celebrating interior fashion design, he affirmed that some of the best quality, talented and educated interior designers are coming from strangest parts of the world. They are coming from such strange places and they will leave you astonished when they will design interior inspired by their own homeland but creating universal aura. If you really get serious in taking a shelfie of your living room someday, you would not be surprised to find some piece of interior decoration coming from the homeland of these designers.

Portugal is an amazing country when it comes to interior design because it has been featuring various artistic techniques in local street arts, where people can visit and have a glimpse of the works inspired from different parts of the world. The sunny climate of this country has allowed various artists to have a blend of their interior design creativity being displayed for general public. Interior designers belonging originally to Portugal supported this creative venture because it attempted to showcase Portugal’s talent of interior designing. It is a small southern European state, which has a lot of talent in interior designing.

Through ventures like this, the country opens a universal forum for all the interior designers in the world, even from Pakistan to come and show their bunch of creativity with interior designing and the concept of shelfie. Similar to Pakistani interior design, Portuguese interior designers also make a lot of interior furniture and other accessories locally in cottage industries and workhouses. Homemade products have recently added to the worth of interior designing on a global level.

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