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Sheyene Gerardi
Sheyene Gerardi Entertainment | NASA CLASS | Robotics | AI
3y New York, NY, United States Story

When things are done with generosity they must have a universal complicity…

RCTV was a wonderful school for me for almost two decades of my life, as I had the opportunity to work with lots of my friends who, by then, were acting icons I admired since I was a kid. This chapter of my life will never leave my memory, my life, nor my soul; you have welcomed me in your homes and rooms every night, and since then until now, tens of countries to which I have the good fortune to enter in many homes every day… How could I not love you all, since you have been the source of happiness for me!

When the Tv producers legalized my craft, acting became the center of my life, but today my life purpose has changed: I am no longer interested in seeking fame or personal indulgence, now I realize that acting has been another vehicle to supplement my true mission, which today is more clear: to impact and transform people´s lives, and for this, I still have a long way to go, many teachers to know and many fellows to come across!

Maybe, I did not choose this transition consciously, I guess it was life. My story is and will always be based on constant reinvention, self-analysis and learning, but also unlearning what no longer serves me, which is part of growing up.

I have to confess that doing something new, gives me the same amount of adrenaline rush. I enjoy the feeling of jumping to "the next"; it excites me to move out of my comfort zone. For me, life is like an infinite mountain range, and not one single mountain. This is my philosophy! And for that I must assume the challenge of constant reinventing myself, because if I stop learning, I will start dying prematurely.

Cycles close and life invites us to embrace the incertitude of self-expanding. I was born to follow my intuition of having an extraordinary life, and that’s what I do.

It is my priority to continue learning and deepening the topics with which I want to make a difference in this world. I firmly believe in the change and the power of transformation that every human being can make in their own circle of influence. I believe in the overcoming capacity of the human being and I am beyond excited to join a platform committed to empower people that inspires new awareness and promotes a transformational lifestyle.

I'm grateful to be honored as a Mogul Influencer, alongside with so many extraordinary women. Thanks to @tifftpham #IAmAMogul

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Sheyene Gerardi
Entertainment | NASA CLASS | Robotics | AI

SHEYENE GERARDI is a Venezuelan actress and the founder of two organizations. The Sheyene Institute, which she started in Venezuela in 2007, has now expanded into multiple countries to advance and disseminate scientific knowledge to enhance technological literacy. She also started Sheyene eHealth, [...]

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