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Marie Flounoy
Marie Flounoy Contributor
3mo New York, NY, United States Story
I Tried South Africa's Leading #EatClean Meal Delivery Service, And It Ignited My Fitness Journey

With less than six months left in 2019, it’s an ideal time to check-in on your goals and resolutions you made a few months ago. Are you currently where you want to be?

For many, like myself, it can be difficult to start and maintain your fitness journey. Especially, while traveling. It's even more complicated when you’re traveling abroad. While some destinations are easier than others to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I discovered a company called FitChef that completely ignited my fitness and wellness journey. 

Based in South Africa, FitChef coins itself as the leader in #EatClean solutions with every ingredient as close to nature’s unrefined state as it can get. In addition, to not being labeled as a “diet program”, but a program encouraging a real lifestyle change to seek out nutrient-dense, high fiber foods that promote you not only to look good (eventually), but to feel good, as well. Simply put: FitChef produces real food without any junk (chemicals, preservatives, etc.). 

FitChef has close to 20 “challenges” or meal kits that you can select based on your lifestyle from keto, to gluten-free, to vegan, and many more. It’s been scientifically proven that it takes 21 days to build a habit and FitChef meals are 21 days to a month, as well, offers a la carte options of the meals, snacks, drinks, and smoothies. 

FitChef Meal Options via  

Before trying FitChef, my diet wasn’t bad, however, it wasn’t the best. Back in the United States, I tried numerous other delivery services, like, Daily Harvest, Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh, which were great options for the short-term, however, long-term was not sustainable for me due to my lifestyle. I'm a freelancer, and in between my social life, family, and travels, there's just not enough time in the day. 

You too can probably relate that you can’t stick to a healthy lifestyle because of the lack of time, as well, just not being prepared. This was the case for me. I would work odd hours which would ignite my cravings for sugar and unhealthy meals and snacks. In addition, not setting out the time to cook or prep the meals I know I should have to not only benefit my health, in addition, to my wallet. 

As FitChef’s founder Wayne Kaminsky explains about making a lifestyle switch and starting FitChef: "We adjust our tastebuds to tequila, why can’t it be the same with healthy, nutritious food. I built the company [FitChef], to save my own life. I was traveling between the UK and South Africa, my life was crazy and often when you have young kids, several businesses growing, your health often gets put on the backburner."

The Verdict 

I tested the award-winning, 21-Day “Best Results” Challenge at R 4,474 (approx. $301 USD) and the results changed my outlook on nutrition, sticking to diets, and is a great service if you’re spending an extended period in South Africa. I also lost 7.5 pounds. 

The Delivery / First Impressions 

My delivery consisted of two boxes of all the food I required for the FitChef 21-day “Best Results” Challenge. You must have enough freezer space (at least 3 shelves), because, it’s a lot of food! You can see what's included by going to the FitChef website, as well, you'll receive a helpful meal plan and instructions on how to make the most of the challenge. 

I underestimated how much freezer space I needed for all the meals, and while I couldn’t fit all the FitChef meals in my freezer, I managed to store some of the meals in my fridge and they were fine throughout the challenge. 

21-Day FitChef Challenge Delivery 

What I Liked 

  • Receiving All The Meal Kits I Needed For 21-Days
  • Supportive FitChef Facebook Community 
  • How Easy It Was To Prep The Meals 
  • The Flexibility Of The Meal Plan  
  • Variety Of Meal Options 
  • Really Delicious Food 
  • Perfect For Traveling 
  • No Calorie Counting

This Is What The 21-Day "Best Results" FitChef Challenge Consists Of... 

What I Didn’t Like 

  • Not Available In The United States 
  • The First Three Days 

Note: This was my personal experience and according to FitChef, is natural. In fact, the helpful instructions provided by FitChef attributes the discomfort is your palette adjusting to the clean foods, just like any change to your diet and varies for each person. Last, unfortunately, FitChef is not available in the United States, however, has plans in the future for expansion. 

The 21-Day FitChef "Best Results" Challenge 

At the start of my challenge, the helpful instructions encouraged that in order to get the best results: to go cold turkey on sugar, avoid milk, bread, sugar, fruit juice, and exercise. Did I last the 21-Days? Yes. Did I slip up? Yes. I did have a glass of champagne and did order out a few times. Although, I bounced right back and would double the amount of exercise which consisted of mostly walking. Since I was traveling, this was a perfect excuse to sneak in some sightseeing on foot!

What I Ate In A Day On The FitChef 21-Day "Best Results" Challenge 

There were also many times I felt super hungry, however, made the habit of grabbing a FitChef smoothie. It was my go-to. I assured to save the FitChef sweet snacks, like the Chocolate Ice Cream, for crucial times when I craving it the most. As mentioned, these times consisted of when I was working odd hours. But, I did assure not to snack late at night and drink more water. As I continued the challenge, I found myself craving the meals, and if I did eat out I organically went for better choices versus earlier in the challenge. 



Breakfast & Dinner. 

(L: Luxury Rolled Oats; R: Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger with Stir Fry Vegetable)

Sticking to eating the food was very easy because of the taste. The food was extremely delicious and even could meet restaurant quality. Almost all the FitChef food and beverages I enjoyed and actually looked forward to eating during the challenge, such as the "Chicken Pesto with Wholewheat Penne Pasta", "FitChef Famous Beetroot Brownie", "Farm Style Bobotie w/ Carrots & Peas", and the FitChef Nurish Juices. Meal prep of the FitChef meals was super easy, as well. My go-to was to heat the meals using a microwave oven, however, occasionally I cooked the meals on a stove top. 

I also appreciated the FitChef Facebook community which was a free, virtual accountability group for FitChef challengers and supporters. It was inspiring to see other FitChef challenger's progress, feedback on the different meals, and was a reminder to help you stay committed on the challenge. Below is a review of my experience on the FitChef 21-Day “Best Results” Challenge:

Day 3: The hardest day. I felt sick, experienced headaches, and my cravings were through the roof! I got through the day by consuming a lot of water, FitChef smoothies and trail mix, as well, sleeping. I felt exhausted, which lasted well into Day 5. 

Day 7: I felt better, lighter, and naturally had a few cravings here and there. However, went about my days as normal, and had a lot of the FitChef snacks between my meals. 

Day 14: I was traveling from South Africa to France and had airplane food. My body did not react well. I found myself having immediate cravings for a FitChef meal, salad, or something clean. En route to my final destination via train, I snacked on FitChef trail mix, until I was able to cook my FitChef meals which lasted flawlessly through my travels inside your typical freezer bag! I also had gained a lot of energy and was able to sightsee on foot versus earlier in my journey. 

Day 21: I felt amazing and noticed results in my skin and energy levels. My skin was much clear and had a natural, healthy glow. In addition, I had dropped a total of 7.5 pounds and obviously lost inches. My clothing that was sung at the beginning of my journey was obviously loose. 

Day 30: A lot of the lifestyle changes I made, I easily maintained after completing the 21-Day FitChef challenge.


Before trying FitChef, I researched dozens of delivery services in the United States, as well as, in South Africa and couldn't find one as comprehensive and seamless, as FitChef. The companies that came close were either too expensive, had limited delivery options, were too complicated, or involved a lot of prep.  

It's safe to say that FitChef kicked off my wellness and fitness journey in a sustainable way. A few months ago, I was and felt extremely unhealthy, lacked energy, and was desperate to find a meal delivery service that fit my lifestyle. While FitChef again is not available in the United States, I am currently, down 20 pounds since the FitChef Challenge (January 2019), and have currently transitioned into the keto lifestyle (high fat, low carb) and plan to remain on it until the end of 2019. FitChef makes wellness actually accessible and a no brainer, the way it ought to be, since changing your lifestyle is already hard enough!

I 100% recommend FitChef if you live or happen to have an extended stay in South Africa, want to make a clean eating lifestyle change or all the above. FitChef delivers to most major cities around South Africa and offers loyalty programs for dedicated challengers. Use my special code "FitChef_Marie" to get 15% OFF and to start your own journey. 

It's less than six more months left in 2019, start now. Good Luck! 

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Marie Flounoy

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