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harshada_pathare A personal writer to every reader.
24d Story

It is stories that keep us going in life, not the traditional masculinity. Endings are never predictable like fables of hare and tortoise and others.
Our true form is not on gender or DNA of our chromosomes but on the freedom. The freedom of mind, voice, and expression. Our powers are not in strength, my strength maybe silences also.
As we live our story we realize our actual strength - my strength is persistence, positivity, and pride.
What is that gives you strength, woman?
"In so long,
I hadn’t sung a song
My voice changed,
Blended into a storm "
#harshadapathare #women #womenquotes #empowerment #genderequality#genderrace #racethesun #womenpower #girlpower

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A personal writer to every reader.

essentially love to think about and comprehend the enormous unsolved inquiry of human life – Human conditions and utilize my energy of composed art to delight every one of the attributes, circumstances, occasions, needs, feelings required for its survival. The test is to make sensible data or [...]

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