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How to Travel to Europe on a College Student's Budget

So you want to travel to Europe but you have a college student's budget?  Listen, I've been in your shoes before; take comfort in this: Yes, it is possible to travel to Europe even when you're a poor college student. It happens millions of times every year.

So if you really want to know how to travel to Europe and save every penny in the process, you are going to need a few tips. Fortunately, you clicked on the correct link. Read on to learn practical travel tips that you can use to travel to Europe the cheapest way possible.

Do Your Research

As with any great undertaking, there is often an incredible amount of research that comes with it! Traveling to Europe, especially traveling to Europe cheaply, is no different.  The cheapest way to travel to Europe is to buy your plane ticket a minimum of a month in advance. Before pulling the trigger on the purchase is where I want you to do some detective work. Most major airlines offer student discounts. For example, American Airline offers a student discount that can save you hundreds of dollars. Other major airlines do the same and even some airlines are known for their cheap prices.  If possible, book your flight when it isn't prime travel season (Late Spring- Summer). Often times you find the best deals when it isn't prime tourism season due to the laws of supply and demand.

You want to do your research so you can begin to have an idea of what exactly the trip will cost you.  Research everything including transportation costs, food costs and lodging costs. You do not want to find yourself penniless in a foreign country; that has yet to make for stress free travel experience. Do your research, shop around and soon you'll be aware of the best deals on the market.

Look for Student Travel Groups

There are plenty of companies that exist in order to provide the cheapest travel options to College Students worldwide.  STA Travel and Student Universe are the most popular. These sites list the cheapest deals on airfare, lodging and transportation costs. Sometimes they even offer deals on completely inclusive vacations taking the pain out of the research process. For those that don't enjoy planning, I heavily recommend looking into these sites; they're a great resource that thousands of college students consistently use. If you do decide to plan an all-inclusive trip through one of these sites, you'll likely meet other college students that have been bit by the travel bug. Cheers.

Be Open and Flexible

I know you're busy studying for your degree from Villanova University, but this is my most important tip. If you truly want to travel to Europe on a college student's budget, you need to be flexible. When you are flexible, you will be able to find the best deals because often times you'll notice that hotel and airfare prices fluctuate. You should have an idea of what you would like to do when you arrive in Europe, but flexible regarding your departure date. Flexibility leads to saving money.

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  • Robi Alam 67
    4mo ago

    Yeah! It's worth for money. Nice information. 

    Yeah! It's worth for money. Nice information. 

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