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TobyNwazor Success Coach, Business Development Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Writer
19d Nigeria Story
How to shed unwanted pounds and stay fit riding heavy duty bicycles

Sometimes we get the impression that losing weight is a lost battle, and we may lack motivation when we step on a scale and see the weight going up instead of down. We realize that except going on a diet, we need to start exercising. People should understand, that cycling is an ideal sport for a large person, and that riding heavy duty bicycles can be a healthy sport for the body weight reduction, fits comfortably in a daily routine and is an emotionally beneficial and pleasant pastime. If you are obese and wish to drop excess weight, you need to look into getting an appropriate bike for your body and can browse the site of Zize Bikes, a store specializing in bikes for over 300 lbs and other types of powerfully built and sturdy heavy duty bicycles.

If your goal is to stay fit, you need to start a sport that you like. The idea is to pick an exercise that will turn into a lifestyle eventually. Hopefully riding a heavy duty bicycle will become a pastime, with which you will tend to stay for a long time, and it will help you burn some fat and become lighter.

Begin your cycling routine with heavy duty bicycle

Here, we want to share some tips with you, telling how bike for heavy person will make you healthier if you are eager to become a proud owner of one of bicycles for big guys and go on the road. First of all, you need to decide how much excess weight you want to lose. Before going cycling on one of heavy duty bicycles in the mountains or just on the regular paved road around your neighborhood, you ought to consult with a health professional what rate of weight loss is ideal for your body type. Ride a heavy duty bicycle and burn your unwanted fat gradually. Don’t try to shed your extra pounds too fast putting too much strain on yourself. Start slow, just cycle around on one of the bicycles for big guys and enjoy your new lifestyle of a beginner biker, even though it might be tempting to drop the weight as fast as you can. Don’t tire yourself, but rather distress using your heavy duty bicycle for fun.

When you get used to your new routine cycling on one of the bikes for fat people, it will be much easier to accelerate your speed and get your heart rate up. At this stage, you can start riding your heavy duty bicycle daily and shed one or two pounds per week. If you commute to and from work by your vehicle, you can instead use one of bicycles for big guys for the trip to your place of employment. This biking session can be your daily workout and at the same time a very efficient means of transport because it will give you an opportunity to save on gas. When you ride to work one of those heavy duty bicycles, you stay alert, and this has a positive effect on your productivity in the morning hours when you get to the office.

Turn to intensive cycling training on your bike for heavy person

Getting intensive aerobic training in addition to your usual daily exercise using heavy duty bicycles will help your heart same as a cardio on a treadmill and make your body lose fat at a much faster rate compared to your regular bike strolling.

Bikes for over 300lbs are very efficient calorie-burning equipment. We suggest that you add a few of cardio cycling intensive sessions to your regular rides on bike for heavy person, and this endeavors will also help you build big muscular body replacing your unwanted fat slabs. Moreover, these workouts can help restore your sleep patterns, especially if you have constant sleep deprivation; you will feel rested and under less amount of stress if you ride one of bicycles for big guys before going to sleep at night. Interestingly, our fat reduction greatly depends on healthy sleep patterns. Scientific research has proved, that lack of sleep can make you fat because if your body does not get sufficient rest, you become hungry and feel less satiated during a meal.

Keep checking the progress of your weight loss when cycling heavy duty bicycles

It seems fundamental idea to check your weight loss progress, but it is vital. You need to select means to track your weight loss and keep feeling enthusiastic about your rides on heavy duty bicycles. In case your weight loss is slow or even halts in some periods of time, do not feel discouraged. The overall training of your body to fitness will eventually bring the desired results and exercise on heavy duty bicycles will benefit the development of you as an active and confident individual.

Add a variety of fitness training and watch your diet

 When you complete cycling sessions using heavy duty bicycle with other fitness exercises and add an adequate nutrition on top of it, eventually you will achieve the set goals and experience a fantastic feeling of accomplishment!

Also, do some other useful sports, for example, swim some laps, or only add stretching, yoga, and meditation to cycling a bike for heavy person. All this will help your body recuperate and keep you free of muscle strain, pains, and injuries.

As far as diet is concerned, the main thing here is to speed up your metabolism by refusing from sugar and starches. Digesting small quantities of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables is a smart long-term goal for your health and fitness transformation along with getting into the routine of riding heavy duty bicycles. Fish and meats with a little amount of fat can even speed your metabolic rate. Eat frequently during the day and try not to skip breakfast. You can ride your heavy duty bicycle in the morning before your first meal of the day to boost your appetite.

Have lots of positive thoughts and emotions and enjoy riding your heavy duty bicycle

Cycling along country roads or choosing trails high in the mountains and sharing your biking trips with your co-workers, pals or family members can bring even more satisfaction to riding bicycles for big guys. There are numerous places to see and visit. Above all, this kind of sports activity needs to bring joy and lots of fun.

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Success Coach, Business Development Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Writer

Toby Nwazor is a serial entrepreneur, a success coach, a business development consultant, a strategist, a motivational speaker, and a freelance writer. He writes on other cool platforms like Entrepreneur magazine,, Good Men Project, and Business 2 Community. He is the founder of My [...]

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