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How to get rid of hemorrhoids quickly and safely

Hemorrhoids or piles are inflamed, swollen veins which are
situated in your lower rectum and anus. They are usually the result of
straining while trying to pass stool. They can also occur during pregnancy due
to the pressure placed on the anal region.

The symptoms associated with piles may include tenderness,
pain, inflammation as well as itching in your anal area. There may well be
swelling there as well. There may be evidence of aching bumps which will be
placed close to the anus. Upon viewing the region, you may be able to see the
lumps jutting out of the anus. It is possible to feel for them as well.

Surgery and over the counter medications are available as
treatments for this condition. Should there only be minor discomfort or
irritation, you should opt for the available choices from your pharmacy. These
will include lotions as well as suppositories. They will have hydro cortisone
or witch hazel in them and this will help you with pain and will reduce the
itchiness in the area. There could be side effects with prolonged use of these

Your doctor may recommend surgery if your problem worsens or
persists. The rubber band method is one of the surgical options presented to
you. Tiny rubber bands are placed around the base of the internal piles. And
this cuts off the circulation to it and causes it to contract and fall off
within a few days.

There are techniques where lasers are used. This will make
hemorrhoid harden, and it will dry up. An alternative is to opt for the method
whereby a chemical mixture is injected into hemorrhoid. This causes it to
shrivel. Both these methods are effective, however not as effective as the
rubber band technique.

You will have the choice of harsher surgical procedures. The
alternative to surgery is to try some of the home remedies that are available.
If your problem does not disappear within a reasonable amount of time, it is
recommended that you pay a visit to your doctor. 

If you want to treat hemorrhoids in a natural way, there are a few things; you may do right away which can jumpstart the healing process. First, you'll want to adjust your diet to include extra
fiber. A deficiency in fiber is considered one of the key factors leading
towards hemorrhoids. When introducing extra fiber try to accomplish this
through whole foods rather than fiber supplements. The body absorbs and
processes whole food more efficiently, and processed items will have more
chemicals that may defeat the reason for eating the extra fiber.

 Also, consider avoiding or cutting down processed foods.
This can be hard for plenty of people, particularly in our bustling society.
The easiest way is to begin slowly by adding whole fruits and vegetables to
accompany your meals. And this has the added benefit of helping with your fiber
consumption as well. After you get a routine rolling, it's easier to keep
effecting small changes, and eventually, you can cut out most processed foods-
simply prepare meals in anticipation of those days you know you will not have
much time.

In a nutshell, those are not the only ways you can cure Hemorrhoids
but there are more of them. If you consider these facts you can live a healthy
life with little to worry about. Be brave and take an action now to secure your

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