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7mo Curaçao Story

How to be more Photogenic in your Swimwear

I am not fond of having my photograph taken in swimwear when I am not in shape. Although I work out frequently I do see that my body changes immediately when I am off to another country and visit just too many good restaurants and fail to work out as frequently as anticipated to achieve that ultimate swimwear body.

Let’s face it every single female out there wants to look great in a photograph, especially a photograph in a bikini or swimsuit that leaves you feeling more vulnerable. I often look at all those gorgeous swimwear models and think, how do they look so good? But I know as a fact that even for them achieving the perfect swimwear photograph is a difficult feat.

But if you’re anything like me and you love to snap your friends and yourself having a great time on the beach or cool pool party, follow these simple photograph hacks to make you look like a stunningly beautiful beach babe in your swimwear shots.


Never Get Photographed from Below

Have a look at some great swimwear photo shoots, and you’ll see that even some of the most beautiful swimwear models in the world don’t get photographed from below. Why is this? It’s simple. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, ever looks good when photographed from the bottom up.

This is probably the world’s most unflattering photographic angle ever! So if you’re in a position where someone is trying to take your photograph in swimwear, instruct the person behind the lens to do otherwise, because you’ll definitely cringe at the outcome, which will just leave you feeling more body conscious in your swimsuit. 

Instead, get the person snapping away to take a photo from above, with you looking up towards the lens. This creates a magical optical illusion, making your body, face and neck thinner!

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Avoid Full Frontal Shots

You’ve probably noticed how some of your favorite celebs angle their bodies when posing on the red carpet… Beyonce is a classic example! This is not because they just happen to be caught in this pose, they’re purposefully turning their bodies, and with good reason!

A slight turn of the body is perhaps one of the best photographic angles. This is what flattering photos are made of, and the same goes for when you’re posing for a photo in swimwear.

All you need to do is take note from the stars, slightly turning your body to the side towards the camera lens. Imagine you’re strutting your stuff down the runway or red carpet, placing one foot in front of the other, pointing your front foot’s toes towards the camera and then transferring most of your body weight to the foot at the back. And voila, you’ll create a flattering swimwear photograph that will make hearts race and you feel more body confident. Don’t forget to slightly angle your head towards the camera to get the ultimate beach babe photo look.

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Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

Thalassa was born in Holland and raised on Curacao; a Dutch island in the Caribbean Sea. She studied Hotel Management and Yoga in The Netherlands and she worked the greater part of her career in small to medium sized companies in The Netherlands, USA and Curacao. After living abroad for over 16 [...]

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