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ModelZe Embracing Change
8mo South Africa Story
How to Antique a Concrete Planter in Twenty Minutes

In this video I show you how to antique a concrete planter in just twenty minutes, but first I show you how to make your own large round concrete planter.

This step by step video will take from not having a round planter, to owning a lovely large cement pot, with aged stone effects that you can enjoy in so many ways in your home or garden.

If you already have a concrete planter that you feel need some renovation, skip the first part of the video and move straight on to the second part of this video, where I demonstrate how to create a lovely soft aged stone effect concrete pot while preserving the depth and beauty of the concrete.

This is a very easy project and takes a total of three days and involving your children and their friends, could allow you some fun and having enough planters to give your garden a face-lift fast and easy, I would ask each child to write a beautiful note on the bottom of the pot and sign their name on it, telling them that they will always be part of your garden and your happy space.

Then I will tell them if they enjoyed it they may come again and now they can create an aged stone effect container for their own bedrooms, or mothers as a gift since the holiday season is so close at hand.

Once they have done it for a second time they will be-able to create pots at their own homes and surprise everyone for the next few years with diy cement flower pots, and if you love gardening what a blessing.

For more gift ideas please visit

Thank you for being here, enjoy a lovely day

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Embracing Change

Calm and Adventurous When you love yourself, you can never run out of Love When you love yourself, your rivers can never run dry When you love yourself, the search for Love is over When you love yourself no-one can take it away

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