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How Nathan Ray Ortega Went From No Job to Business Owner In One Year

What’s your backstory?

Every entrepreneur is born with the gift, it just takes time to crack the code

In Grade school I’ve always wanted to work for myself, listening to classmates going to college and wanting to work for a company didn’t interest me, knowing that if I worked for someone else, I would be a slave to their time, work when they said I could work, make the money they would allow me to make, and lastly have time for myself they would allow me have, my interests were to work for myself, make a huge impact in something I was fully passionate about, become a leader that lifts people up to make a positive change in everyone I came across with.

I just didn’t know how to at the time.

I had a burning flame in myself wanting to be unleashed but it was locked in a safe and I didn’t have the key to unlock it. After high school I did the very things I did not want to do, not because I wanted to, but only because I didn’t know how or where to start. I went to college, worked a job. Then got fired which led me to dropping out, worked several jobs after that, got introduced to multi-level marketing, my first taste of entrepreneurship, Not. Worked for a startup PR company which is now known as Manufacturing Influencers with the Founder Ulyses Osuna, my mentor at the time gaining me my very first actual taste of entrepreneurship. The hustle, the grind, the no family time, the no personal relationships, late nights early mornings, the failures, the rise, the game changing moments of PR business.

I wanted to be my own Boss, and at the rate I was going, I was getting very impatient but one day helping Ulyses, as a task he wanted me to get him on three podcasts, I remember asking him how?, no response was given, it was like getting handed a blank piece of paper and someone telling you, “ it needs to be finished by tonight” I had no clue how to start, I think he was testing my true entrepreneurship capabilities at the time because first thing about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs always find a way. but I had ambition and some knowledge on how to properly network, I had officially cracked the code on getting Ulyses on three podcasts within just two days, I remember once the episodes released it was a life changing moment for me I had officially added value to someone, I did that, I got someone's voice heard through the power of podcasts.

I remember starting my business, I made many failures I quit on my business so many times one for going through my very first break up, second for not truly believing in myself, and third not charging. By the second year of trying to get my business off the ground, It got to the point where I gave up again and led me without a job so definitely no income and I would party a lot and not do anything positive for myself, which ultimately left me homeless sleeping in a car with my pregnant girlfriend parked on top of a hill every night for 2 months looking over the city lights, trying to find hope. 

I would look to my right side to my girlfriends cold breath at night when the windows would fog up, I remember I would have to turn on the car here and there to keep some heat while saving gas in the car at the same time, and when it came to mornings I remember driving to a local park, opening the car trunk filled with duffel bags full of clothes, to changing in public bathrooms to looking myself in the mirror, tears falling down my face telling myself each day, Nathan... You got this, homelessness took a toll on me, I made a promise to myself that I would get my act together which in time I didn't quit and I ended up working a bank job 1 month after, which was my 16 job in two years.

Fresh start

I remember hating that job so much, I would hide in the bathroom four to six times a day to reply back to my mentor at the time and potential prospects, I remember making the excuse to my manager that I had a weak bladder, eventually I worked there for 6 months and one day I just quit, In my head thinking to myself, if i didn't get my business off the ground would be because I don't truly believe in myself. I had full confidence in myself with only three

hundred dollars in my account at the time i just started hustling on my business not knowing when my next paycheck would come , I was messaging one-hundred people a day to sell my services following up with practically 60 people every two days from leaving me on seen in the DM. Eventually after 2 weeks of doing this I officially started charging for helping others get on media outlets such as podcasts and TV shows.

Ever since that life changing moment of making money my way, I have been able to work and network myself with Multi-Millionaires such as Danny Morel host of the relentless event and founder of intero real estate, Sam Bakhtiar has 106 fitness locations, Ed Mylett worth over 400 million, Brad lea founder of Lightspeed VT who has helped Grant Cardone, Daymond John, Jeunesse and more companies find better solutions in their training environments, and many more.

Out of everything I'm glad I chose the route of being the entrepreneur my inner self knew that I was since I was born, I believe my ambition, persistence, and need for helping others gives light to my success, learning actual life habits at age 18, dropping out of college, working at 16 different jobs by age 20, living homeless with my pregnant girlfriend sleeping in a car on top of a hill looking over the city lights telling ourselves we got this and changing in public bathrooms in the early mornings to building a business and working with millionaires at age 21 has been a life changing experience. Check out my social media accounts! Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

If someone would want to emulate your career, what would you suggest are the most important things to do?

If someone would want to emulate my career, the most important things to do first is learn the PR space , why do people with personal brands and businesses always hire PR companies, only focus on working with the best, because working with the best automatically gets you that rub off effect which in turn gives you the leverage of working with high-end clients and charging way more. Lastly building your systems first so it's a smooth process without having to build them while working with a high-end client, trust me you don't want a big following client saying bad things about you when you’re trying to get you business off the ground

What are the most exciting projects you are working on now?

Most Exciting projects I am working on now is working with all my clients getting them on high graded podcasts and TV shows around the world, such as Danny Morel host of the relentless event which he had Gary V and Ed Mylett, Alex Rodriguez speak at his events, Sam Bakhtiar who made 30 million in gross sales last year with 106 locations, Brendan Meyers, who has 785k+ followers on Youtube, 388k followers on Instagram, 1.5m followers on Facebook.

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