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How Michaela Vybohova Went From Selling Swimsuits at 15 to Becoming a Successful Model and Founder of a Granola Company

Since the age of twelve, Michaela V has had a passion for fashion and thirst for entrepreneurial success. From selling lemonade and door-to-door cosmetics in her small hometown of Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, to designing her own fashion line and starting a granola company in the eclectic cultural hub of the world, New York City. 

Michaela’s ambition, creativity, and ingenuity have molded her into the business-savvy model that she is today; the ultimate beauty & brains. 

Head in the clouds, Feet on the Ground

Raised by a single mother working three jobs to get by, Michaela acquired her initiative and vigorous work-ethic from learning by example. This of course was no thanks to her absent father, a pro-hockey player that left she and her mother at age six. Her mother’s words of guidance always resonated with Michaela. 

One saying that her mother instilled in Michaela through the years was “hlava v oblakoch ale nohy na zemi,” in english this translates to “head in the clouds, but feet on the ground.” This saying would set her tone as Michaela prioritized her personal growth and professional ambitions no matter what toxicity came her way- always keeping a positive outlook on her life and future.

 “I have tattooed on my wrist ‘it was a gift’ to remind myself to be grateful for everything and count my blessings because it is a gift to simply be alive and healthy,” she explains. From family and financial struggles, Michaela rose with strong grit and passion, qualities that would follow her through life. 

At the age of fifteen, Michaela started buying wholesale swimsuits to alter and redesign before selling them on eBay. She found comfort in expressing herself creatively and immersing herself in an industry she had only dreamed of partaking in. 

It was liberating for Michaela to stretch her entrepreneurial muscles as the fantasies of owning her own fashion line and company started for feel closer to arms-length with reality. After years of her creating and pursuing her fashion swim line, the industry finally courted Michaela back in an unexpected manor. 

While supporting a friend at mall ‘model search’ competition, Michaela accidentally got discovered for her modeling talents. She couldn’t fathom the possibility of her life changing forever due to the blimp of faith this single recruiting talent agent had in her. 

Humbled by the World, Fueled by the Big Apple

Michaela had never imagined leaving Slovakia, but when the opportunity arose, she took it- along with her first modeling contract in Istanbul, Turkey. This contract lead to many others, and for the next three years Michaela jetted all over the world while developing a love for travel and desire to discover. She said humbly, “Traveling for me was a way to gain life experience like no other. Learning about different cultures while doing what I loved most was such an eye & mind-opening opportunity. 

I am so appreciative.” It wasn’t until she stepped foot in New York City, where she currently lives today, that she felt truly at home. There, Michaela got back to the drawing board and poured herself into what she knew and loved most: shoes. While still modeling full-time, she created her own line of high-quality shoes that will be ready to launch at the end of this month!

Put Your Money Where Your Munch Is

While catwalking all over the world, Michaela took great interest in health & fitness and developed a love for cooking with superfoods. She watched other models’ snacking habits and looked for holes in the health foods market before developing an idea for a startup. After months of research and recipe trial and error, she made it her mission to create an organic granola loaded with the earth’s finest ingredients, without all of the sugar and artificial flavoring. Michaela believes that healthy foods should have honest, high-quality ingredients and be affordable to the masses. She instilled these core values perfectly into the her vision, business plan, and brand development. Michaela continues to stand by, but most importantly, eat what she believes in! She encourages others to do the same by eating healthy and staying conscious of the ingredients they consume; through that, Michaela created Model Munch organic superfood granola.

Fashionista, Entrepreneur, Shoes Enthusiast, Granola Innovator: Michaela Vybohova is the epitome of multitalented perseverance and courage. Through every personal and professional set-back, Michaela exemplifies what it is to endure with grit & grace. She confidently states, “Every time I think I can’t go on anymore and I just want to quit modeling or give up pushing my business, I remind myself what a gift to be here and to have come this far. I won’t give up now or ever.” 


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